You Can Get Your Hands On Brigador’s Neo-‘80s Mech Action On October 20th


Stellar Jockeys has announced that its “tactical vehicle action game” (aka stompy mechs blowing up cities) Brigador will hit Steam Early Access on October 20th. The studio released a new video of the game in action to make the announcement.


Brigador is an isometric action game that takes place in an industrial sci-fi future in which militaristic factions fight for land and power. You charge in with a tank, mech, or anti-grav vehicle in order to liberate the city and its people. You do this by blowing everything up. What other way is there to do it?


The game features randomized levels and custom map support so you can add more levels to stomp your way through. Oh, and you do have to unlock the vehicles as you progress – they’re not all yours from the start. You can currently pre-order Brigador for $15 on its website.

Chris Priestman