Like Tales? Like crossovers? Then you’re going to love Tales of Hearts. Cameos from other Tales games were expected, but Tales of Hearts goes a step beyond and brings characters from other Namco Bandai games into the Tales universe. KOS-MOS, the female android in Xenosaga, joins Shing as one of the game’s many support characters.


When you call KOS-MOS she rushes into battle and fires a burst of bullets with her G Shot special attack. Tales of Hearts isn’t the only game where KOS-MOS has a cameo role, but it looks like those are the only roles she is getting since the Xenosaga series prematurely ended years ago. Namco Bandai should just pony up and make a KOS-MOS light gun/RPG hybrid for the Wii or something.



Images courtesy of Namco Bandai.

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