You Need To Collect Cards To Date Boyfriends In The Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Otome Game



A new otome game is out, and it has a rather unusual element to it. If you want to go on additional dates with your virtual boyfriends, you have to collect Karma cards. Elex’s Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice, it’s all about building up a good hand to find love. When you have the right ones or sets, new opportunities for love unlock. Investing in them gives you more interactions and chances to build up a successful relationship. When all is said and done, you can have enough cards to pass challenges and earn more romantic moments with the four bachelors.


Karma cards are in integral part of Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice. Each one has certain stats assigned to it. For example, the Gavin: Childlike card has an orange border, showing Creativity is its primary stat. At level 21 and two stars, it will have 737 Creativity, 566 Affinity, 538 Execution, and 17 Decisiveness. If you are going through a story and your heroine is on an assignment, there will likely come a moment where she will say she needs two stats, let’s say Creativity and Affinity for this example, to help get a high enough score to pass. You are able to use three Karma cards at a moment like that. Playing the Gavin: Childlike card will give you the much-needed Creativity and Affinity points needed to boost the score and pass the challenge with up to three crowns, which allows you to advance the main story and perhaps gain materials needed to increase the star-rank of a card.



There are multiple ways to acquire and alter cards. Each day, people can get free pulls and use coins on the Wish Tree to get cards or card shards. You can also get cards from events or card shards by completing Footage missions with specific guys. Improving the cards can feel a bit like another Elex game, Love Nikki. You can increase the star rank, to make the card stronger, or evolve it, to make it vastly stronger, alter the art, and increase the level cap. Each of the story missions provide materials, with the normal ones providing Star Up ingredients and the elite ones giving Evolve items.


But what’s really neat is how these cards handle new events and activities. Getting an SR or higher card gives you the chance to have more moments with the four bachelors. The Star Up and Evolve options don’t just strengthen a card. It gives a certain number of rewards at each plateau. Let’s use Victor: Anticipation, an event card Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice players can earn, as an example. Getting the card will give you a Moment. This is similar to him making a Twitter post, which you can comment on in your virtual phone to increase his affection level. If you make it a three-star card, you get a text message where the two of you will talk about a piece of Shiba Inu Candy you bought for him. Another Moment will appear when you evolve it. Investing not only makes the card more useful, it helps you get to know the character better.



Some of the dates are more complicated. There are a few that require Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice players to collect sets of cards. Let’s say you want to see the Film Studio Date with Gavin. You need to get Gavin to level four intimacy level and acquire the Gavin: Hot and Cold, Gavin: Sincere Instruction, and Gavin: Whimsical cards. When this happens, you can see how to unlock the needed cards to get that story. In this case, the first card is a First Login Gift, the second has to be acquired from the Wish Tree gacha, and the third must be created from shards earned by participating in Footage missions.


It’s interesting to see a card-based mechanic come into play in an otome game. Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice gives people a standard story with romanic moments with every character on its own. If you participate in events, pull from the Wish Tree gacha, and play the game, you end up with the Karma cards needed to help you continue to perform well in the other story segments and spend more time with the virtual boyfriends.


Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice is available for Android and Apple iOS devices via Google Play and iTunes.

Jenni Lada
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