You Play As Kraft Lawrence In Spice & Wolf VR; More Details Coming In August


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Spice & Wolf VR was revealed earlier by Team Spicy Tails, and they recently confirmed in an interview that you will be playing as Kraft Lawrence in the upcoming VR game. [Thanks, Rocket News!]


One of the big things mentioned about the game so far is that it’s not just a 360° viewing experience – players can move about to some degree in Spice & Wolf VR. When asked about this aspect of the game, this is what Team Spicy replied:

“Theoretically, as long as you have the required accessories, you should be able to move freely. You can even walk around to the back of characters standing in front of you. In VR, you have 3DoF (three degrees of freedom) and 6DoF, and the VR content this time will be 6DoF.

However, because of how the content is structured, we do have to restrict player movement in some manner, and it’s not like you’re actually free to move about. It might be better if you imagine it like you’re sitting in a chair, and are free to move about in that position, such as leaning closer to other characters.”


Regarding whether the player will be directly assuming control of the main characters, or whether the player is a “guest” listening in to Holo and Lawrence’s banter, they replied:

“In the VR anime, you will be watching the story unfold from Lawrence’s perspective, so you can lock eyes with Holo, and so on. However, we will be deciding the details of how this will work as we develop the game, so details on what you can do are currently uncertain.”


In a Tweet earlier this week, it was also announced that more information will be shared next month, in August:


Team Spicy Tails also stated that while an Oculus Go port is still undecided, if Spice & Wolf VR is ported to Oculus Go, while you will not need a PC, you also won’t be able to move closer to the characters. As for Microsoft HoloLens, this is what they had to say:

“You just wanted to make a pun, didn’t you!”


Spice & Wolf VR is coming to HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PC. The series also previously had two visual novel games on Nintendo DS. You can read more about the initial reveal in our previous report here.

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