Youju Kitan Ninja VS Shark Monster Movie Releases in April

Youju Kitan Ninja Vs Shark

The fight of the ages is set to take place in April 2023. A new movie called Youju Kitan Ninja VS Shark is coming out in Japan, courtesy of local label Extreme Film Distribution. The film pits a massive, supernaturally-empowered shark against Japan’s famed ninja warriors. It’s described as joining in on the relatively recent trend of shark-themed genre films, such Sharknado, Sharktopus, and The Meg. It premieres in Japan on April 14, 2023 [Thanks, Denfaminico Gamer!].

Youju Kitan Ninja VS Shark takes place during the Edo period. A group of heretics led by the foul Samejiro has been using ninjutsu magic to manipulate sharks to attack villagers, stealing their pearls. A desperate village chief contacts an independent ninja, Kotaro Shiozaki to avenge the slaughtered innocents and face off against Samejiro and his gigantic shark bodyguard.

Extreme Film Distribution did not have a trailer for the film, but did release a teaser poster.

Youju Kitan Ninja VS Shark may have a pulpy premise, but its staff involves veteran talent. Director Koichi Sakamoto is a former stunt actor and has experience with numerous tokusatsu films and series. These include working on Super Sentai shows like Maskman and Gokaiger, and Kamen Rider shows like Kamen Rider Fourze, and the currently-airing Kamen Rider Geats. He also worked overseas, becoming a founding crew member for MMPR Productions, which helped produce Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. He also worked on Ultraman titles for Tsuburaya, including Ultraman Decker.

The stars also have some history with tokusatsu. Kotaro is played by Kohshu Hirano, who played Haruki Natuskawa, the protagonist of Ultraman Z. Shun Nishime, who played Takeru Tenkuji, protagonist of Kamen Rider Ghost, plays Kotaro’s companion Shinsuke. Yuuichi Nakamura, known to many as Zeronos from Kamen Rider Den-O, plays Samejiro.

Youju Kitan Ninja VS Shark premieres in Japan on April 14, 2023. No international release details have been announced.

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