How You’ll Be Going Demon-Hunting In Over My Dead Body 2’s Dungeons

Upcoming PlayStation Vita RPG Over My Dead Body 2 will feature different classes from Swordsmen to Archers, and other kinds types like Spearmen and Dancers. Here’s a look at how you’ll be putting your characters to use, as you take on deadly dungeons to face demons.

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The dungeons are where  the demons dwell, and you’ll be able to find them near your base of operations in Over My Dead Body 2. By winning battles, you’ll gain experience points, and “Dedication Points,” used for the ceremonial inheritance of your offspring with the gods.


Additionally, you’ll obtain goods from fights, such as items, weapons, and armor. As mentioned in our earlier report, the dungeons you’ll see will vary per player, as their contents such as dungeon-type, internal structure, and demon-types will all be different.

At the start of fights, there will also be the “War Trophy Slot,” where matching three of the same item will result in its acquisition. Getting three of the same results will also net you more experience and Dedication Points.


There will be different kinds of dungeons, such as the colorful “100 Demons Festival” dungeon as seen in the above images. This dungeon in particular is said to have some sort of ritualistic utensil found in its depths.


Similar to other recent RPGs, Over My Dead Body 2 will be using the “Symbol Encounter” system, where you’ll start your battles by running into enemies seen on the field. By getting them from behind, you’ll find yourself in advantageous positions.


You may have noticed this clock-like figure on the bottom-right of some screenshots. This is actually the “Fire Clock” which tells you how much time goes by. Once all the flames go out, that means a month of in-game time has passed.


Since our heroes will only have a life-span of just two years, it’ll be crucial to keep a close eye on the clock, since you wouldn’t want them to die from the curse just before fighting a boss!



Over My Dead Body 2 is slated for release this summer for PlayStation Vita.

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