You’ll Have To Feel Out The Beautiful World Of Beyond Eyes For Its Blind Protagonist



Sherida Halatoe has been working on third-person exploration game Beyond Eyes by herself for at least a year. The work she put together was impressive, it being about a blind girl called Rae searching for her missing cat in a world that she can only experience through scent, sound, and touch.


More recently, Halatoe’s efforts caught the eye of Team17, who promptly offered her a publishing deal. With that, Beyond Eyes was secured for a release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One later this year.


Now, with all the extra support that Halatoe has had in developing the game, a new trailer for Beyond Eyes has arrived. You can watch it above. It shows Rae in her adorable white dress and purple boots as she fills the blank world around her with her vivid imagination.



However, as you’ll see at the end of the trailer, not all is tranquil and happy in this rustic water color fantasy. There are darker movements that leave Rae clutching herself, shuddering with fear, the unknown closing in on her. As to what that potential threat is we don’t know. We’ll have to wait until the game is out to find out.


So you’re not left completely in the dark, if you want, you can find out more about Beyond Eyes on its website.

Chris Priestman