You’ll Need To Cooperate With 3 Friends To Control This Giant Mech



Override is a giant mech game that wants to make piloting a massive physics-driven robot as hard as it should be.


It manages this by asking you to control every limb and system of the mecha. And to do so with complete control, ideally you’ll be playing it with three other friends with a gamepad each.


While getting to grips with basic movement may prove difficult enough, Override has plenty more challenges for you. It will ask you to stomp around a city saving kittens from trees, and to engage in battle against other mecha through any means necessary.


The Balance Inc. is the team creating game and it hopes to bring an alpha version of Override to Windows, Mac, and Linux around March 2015, releasing the full game around October 2015. It will ship with 4-play local multiplayer, of course.


Check out the Override IndieDB page for lots of gifs and more information. The game also has a Kickstarter campaign asking for $98,000.

Chris Priestman