You’ll Need Superb Aerial Combat Skills To Beat Olympia Rising, Out On PC Now



Paleozoic has released its 16-bit action-platformer Olympia Rising on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s available to purchase for $4.99 through the game’s official website. It will also be released on Steam.


Olympia Rising is a game that challenges you to engage in aerial combat with speed, precision, and style. It has you playing as Iola as she fights her way out of the Underworld while Hades purges it with a wash of acid. Her goal is to reach Olympia to have a word with Zeus.


On the way up, you’ll have to juggle between deadly enemies to traverse gaps and continue climbing. You do this by chopping them to bits with Iola’s sword, but there are also spells  that offer complementary effects, but these are limited.



Ideally,  you want to chain kill enemies together so that your ascent is one long combo across the air. It’s not enough to climb to the top of each level, though, as you also need to collect enough gold to pay the ferryman, Charon, so he progresses you to the next stage.


It’s all about being efficient, and Paleozoic reckons that getting to that point will take a while to master – so if that’s your kind of challenge, consider checking Olympia Rising out. Whether that be the old browser demo or purchasing the full game.

Chris Priestman