You’ll Have To Wait Until 2015 To Be A Mommy Lynx In Shelter 2


Might and Delight has announced that its Lynx survival game Shelter 2 will be delayed until the first quarter of 2015, rather than being released at the end of 2014 as planned.


Shelter 2 is the bigger and more dynamic sequel to the “meditative badger adventure” Shelter, which was released last year. In both games, you play mothers that must look after their young by protecting and feeding them while out in the wilds of nature.


Shelter, the first game, had you playing as a badger whereas this sequel puts you in the padded paws of a lynx. This means that, this time around, you’ll be able to do some hunting yourself, rather than just your babies being a lucky dip for an eagle to come and snatch.


You’ll still be playing the entire cycle of motherhood, though: starting out as a pregnant lynx in need of making a nest to lay her babies, to nurturing her cubs by killing deer for meat, and going on ventures with them to teach them the ways of the lynx.


Your safe haven is the den. You’ll want to come back here to gather strength and place your bone trophies, as well as rare plants and leaves.  As the lynx is a bigger and faster creature, Might and Delight saw it necessary to make the world bigger to allow for more freedom.


As such, the game has new features like stamina, different types of movements, and proper jumping. The stylized patterned graphics have also been given a boost with a “denser atmosphere” and better lighting. There’s more information about Shelter 2 on its website.

Chris Priestman