A Young Girl Seeks An Enchanted Land In Action Platformer Magical X Spiral



Medianne has been seeking the magical land of Celestria, a place where spellcasters reside. When she finds it, she sets out to climb its spiralling towers, completing its magical tests by blasting enemies with her upgradeable magic in sidescrolling action platformer Magical x Spiral.




Medianne needs to ascend the game’s multiple towers as they spin around her, finding shortcuts or just hammering through at a more plodding route. Along the way, she’ll meet several magical spirits that will loan her elemental abilities and spells, giving her access to various different attacks.




If she sticks with using any one spirit for some time, she can raise her synchro rate with them, and once that is full she can summon them for high-powered spells.




With every tower she completes, Medianne will be awarded coins that she can use to learn new spells, upgrade her health, or acquire items to make her trip easier.

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