NIER DLC Young NierIn The World of Recycled Vessel downloadable content pack, Nier fans in North America will be able to play as Young Nier for the first time. Young Nier is the protagonist of Nier Replicant, a PlayStation 3-only version of Nier where a younger version of Nier sets out to save Yonah, his sister. A Square Enix press release notes this is due to “popular demand of Nier’s worldwide fans.”


In addition to a slender protganist, The World of Recycled Vessel has fifteen areas and stages. More on-rails shooter stages and room challenges are part of the package. The World of Recycled Vessel also reconfigures towns and other areas plus throws in original monsters to fight.


As mentioned earlier, players will unlock new costumes for Nier, Kaine, and Emil. Samurai Nier is one of the extra outfits.


NIER DLC Costume

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