Your Childhood Friend Is Connected To Your Fate In Akiba’s Trip 2

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Every Japanese game needs a mysterious stranger, and the first character unveil by developers Acquire for Akiba’s Trip2 is no exception. In a movie introducing Shizuku Tokikaze, her frilly white dress belies her mysterious powers and nature.


Saying she wants to help the hero, Shizuku herself seems bent on destroying the man-made vampires after rescuing you from certain death after a run in with the mysterious Magaimono organization and its demon corpse army. Players can choose her to accompany alongside them in their forays to destroy the vampires by stripping enemies of their clothes – because vampires are weak to sunlight.


In the video, Shizuku professes her allegiance to the hero, but darkly warns that he must be prepared for even more painful situations than his near-death experience if he wishes to delve deeper into the darkness. She also says she’s the reason the protagonist ended up that way. Worth noting is that in an earlier video, it shows a short clip of Shizuku fighting you, with a successful dress grab. Why they fight and what else are we to know is still under wraps.


Akiba’s Trip 2 is set for a Sony PlayStaton Vita and PlayStation 3 release on November 7 in Japan.


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