Your Choices May Lead To Murder And Cannibalism In Dyscourse



Owlchemy Labs has released its choose-your-own-adventure survival story Dyscourse on Steam. You can purchase it for Windows, Mac, and Linux at $14.99.


It has you playing as Rita, who is described as “an unfortunate art school grad turned barista,” who gets stuck on a desert island with a bunch of strangers. What happens to you all is completely up to you and the decisions that you make.



What Owlchemy Labs teases is that every single choice you will make will affect the outcome of the whole group’s survival. And it seems like it can get quite grim, if you let it, involving cannibalism and murder. Hopefully it won’t come to that, though (unless that’s what you want, you monster!).


As the story is emergent, spanning over 120,000 words, and lots of different paths, Dyscourse is a game that should be replayed to explore the full breadth of its plot. In fact, multiple playthroughs is the only way to discover more about the plane crash and the personal lives of each survivor.



Dyscourse was successfully Kickstarted back in November 2013. And, as with many Kickstarters, it had lots of extra for backers, which you can now purchase as a Special Edition. For $24.99 you get the game, 77-song soundtrack, a development documentary, a digital art book, and Dyscourse wallpaper.

Chris Priestman