Your First Look At Way of the Samurai 4

Previously, we reported that when you begin Way of the Samurai 4, you can choose between three types of heroes: a youth, a young man (seinen, for you manga fans and Japanese speakers) and middle-aged.

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Here’s a quick glance at what each type looks like:




wayof4_youth02 wayof4_youth03


Young man:


wayof4_yman02 wayof4_yman03




wayof4_aged02 wayof4_aged03


In Way of the Samurai 4, players can choose to ally with three groups fighting over a harbour. These are: the shogunate, the anti-foreigner group, and the Jet Jenkins.


Here’s the shogunate magistrate:



And this is the leader of the anti-foreigner movement:



Finally, you have the Count, the leader of the Jet Jenkins:



The port town the game takes place in has a variety of locations to visit, too. Spike and Acquire have gone out of their way to create some nice-looking environments. Here’s a shot of the scenic highway:



The magistrate’s office:          The foreign settlement:

wayof4_magoffice wayof4_fcolony


The harbour:          The cemetery:

wayof4_harbour wayof4_cem


Somewhere in town:          The main street:

wayof4_town wayof4_mainstreet


You can open an overhead map in the game to conveniently travel between these locations, too:



Details on the game’s fighting system haven’t been revealed yet, but Spike and Acquire are looking to capture the feel of dramas that deal with the same time-period:


wayof4_fight02 wayof4_fight03 wayof4_fight04 wayof4_fight05


Here’s a shot of an event scene from the game. As Famitsu magazine reported last week, these are meant to be more flexible than in past Way of the Samurai titles. In this particular event, you’re given the choice to enter a cave. You can choose to follow your party in, talk it out, or kick them from behind.


Way of the Samurai 4 is currently scheduled for a release sometime this Winter for the PlayStation 3. We know for a fact that Acquire are already searching for an overseas publisher to handle localization of the title.


Way of the Samurai 3 was published in North America by UFO Interactive and Agetec, while Rising Star’s parent company, Gamebridge, published it in Europe.

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