Your Own Bullets Are Your Worst Enemy In Don’t Shoot Yourself!


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Don’t Shoot Yourself! is both the title and the goal of this shmup. While such a task would be a breeze in most shooters, in this one, it simply is not. Why? Well, when you can’t control the bullets your ship fires and you’re stuck in an enclosed arena that has walls that rebound those bullets… yeah.


The idea in each level of Don’t Shoot Yourself! is to survive for long enough to shoot the 100th bullet as that is the magic projectile that breaks the confines of the arena you’re stuck in, setting you free. Until that 100th bullet arrives, though, you have to endure the other 99 as they bounce off the various angles of the oddly shaped arenas.


Oh, and there’s another catch, too: you’re not allowed to keep completely still. You have to keep moving otherwise you force yourself to have to endure all of the bullet hell for longer. Luckily, the only thing that will inhibit your dodging ability will be, well, you. The visuals here are pared-down to bold lines and basic colors, ensuring that everything is kept visible.


You can now purchase Don’t Shoot Yourself! on Steam. It’s also available on the App Store for iOS.

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