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You’re A Corrupt Cupid, Sent To Hell To Carry Out God’s Will


    BlazBlue developers Arc System Works recently released a dice-rolling puzzle game for the Nintendo 3DS’s eShop, called Korokesu. They follow up with another title called Dogimegi Inryoku-chan, a platform game where you play as a pink-haired cupid that defeats enemies by making them fall in love.


    At first glance,  you might think that Inryoku-chan would be a good cupid, but she’s actually a corrupt cupid who seems to create all sorts of strange couples. So, God saw this and thought to himself, “Wouldn’t it make the underworld a more peaceful place if we could couple their monsters together?” and that’s when Inryoku-chan was sent to the underworld, where she’ll be working hard to couple the monsters.



    Dogimegi Inryoku-chan will feature 50 stages with many obstacles and monsters waiting to be coupled (against their will). Inryoku-chan’s goal is to forcefully couple these monsters together by smashing them together using her magical arrows.


    As Inryoku-chan, you’ll be hopping around the stage and shooting cupid arrows at different monsters. When a monster is hit by an arrow, they will be momentarily paralyzed and won’t hurt you. Shooting a second arrow to a different monster will attract them together, causing them to explode in hearts.


    You can also hit an enemy with an arrow then shoot the second arrow at a wall to make them fall off ledges. In order to clear a stage, you must defeat all the monsters.


    Additionally, when you shoot monsters that are far apart, they will take out any monsters that are in the way when they’re pulled together to be coupled. This will allow you to take out multiple monsters at a time by only using two arrows.


    Inryoku-chan will have three different jumps to help her travel across the stages. The regular jump, a mini-jump that allows her to fly for a short while, and the trampoline jump, which works by shooting two arrows on walls that creates some sort of imaginary trampoline (as seen in the above images) for super high jumps.




    Inryoku-chan is a corrupt cupid. After abusing her powers and making all sorts of strange couples, the heart on her hair ornament changed into a gray color.


    Enemy Character



    She doesn’t exactly have a name, but it is said that this particular demon is obsessed with her own appearance and loves looking at herself. There are many more enemy characters who’ll be appearing in Dogimegi Inryoku-chan.


    Dogimegi Inryoku-chan will be available to download on May 31st on the Japanese Nintendo 3DS eShop for 500 yen.


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