Play As A Mind-Controlling Plant In This Wii U Game

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Paradise Lost: First Contact was not only successfully Kickstarted back in December with a Wii U version promised straight off the bat, but also made more than double the money it hoped to raise. A recent update from the developer shows off the updated visuals for the game that they’re working on.

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You can check out how the alien plant—which you play as—now moves more realistically and has added details. These should translate to an even more realistic-looking pixel plant during the game itself.


The game? Oh right. As it turns out you’ve just crash-landed on Earth and are subsequently captured for scientific research. And you’re a plant-like being. That can’t do much. Fire is probably  bad for you. A security breach is all you need to finally break out of the containment pod scientists have installed you in, and you’ll then need to sneak and glide your way out of the secret bio-engineering facility that’s been your newfound home/prison.


The devs cite inspiration for their side-scrolling action/stealth title from such hits as Metal Gear Solid, Metroid, Castlevania and the Oddworld series.


As the plant slithers around the lab trying to escape (and as the guards get increasingly anxious to find you) you’ll be able to upgrade yourself with new skills and abilities such as decoy, mind control (!!!!!) and organic bombs that will not only serve to get players past foes but also enter new areas. There’s also a hint that you’re not the only alien lifeform around in the facility either.


Paradise Lost: First Contact will be available on PC, Mac, Linux, Ouya and Wii U.

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