You’re Going Down In Fast-Paced Combat Focused RPG Deep Dungeons Of Doom



Bossa Studios and Miniboss has released their highly praised dungeon-crawling mobile RPG Deep Dungeons of Doom on Steam for PC.


It’s all about big pixels and streamlined action here. You head deep down into dungeons with one of three possible characters (Crusader, Witch, or Mercenary), each with their own abilities, in order to steal treasures for yourself.


Of course, there are monsters big and small in these dungeons, and you’re going to have to fight through them. The combat system is just two buttons and it’s all about timing. You can attack as much as you like but it has a brief cool-down time to consider.


Blocking, on the other hand, is just a case of being aware and hitting the button at the right time. It proves trickier than you might think as you need to learn attack patterns, and some attacks can’t be stopped by just putting a shield in front of your face.


If you do take damage then you’re going to want to use potions to perk yourself back up. Either way, you move through the dungeons rapidly, stopping at each floor to defeat an enemy or be slain yourself. It’s fast-paced dungeon crawling that focuses entirely on combat and big rewards.


You can grab Deep Dungeons of Doom on Steam right now. There’s more information on the game’s website.

Chris Priestman