You’re A Struggling Reporter In This 2064 Cyberpunk Adventure Game



MidBoss is a San Francisco-based studio that hosts the LGBTQ-friendly gaming convention GaymerX in the city once a year, but it also working on a cyberpunk adventure called Read Only Memories,which it successfully Kickstarted. Now, MidBoss has released a demo for anyone with a PC to play.


Read Only Memories takes place in 2064 Neo-San Francisco, which is a city full of Hybrids, Humans, ROMs and Brain Controlled Androids. You’re a struggling reporter who has their home broken into by a robot called Turing, who tells you that your friend Hayden has gone missing.


You end up following this mystery into one of the biggest scandals that Neo-San Francisco has hosted, it all involving a new unknown ROM.


Read Only Memories is designed to play like ‘90s point-and-click adventures games like Gabriel Knight and Snatcher. This simply means that it focuses on exploration and puzzle-solving. MidBoss has also made an effort to put queer characters into prominent roles.


The demo that you can download lets you get a feel for the game with the prologue and the first chapter. It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


The finished game should be coming to PC, OUYA, iOS, and Android.

Chris Priestman