You’ve Never Seen PlayStation Mascot Toro This Creepy


We’ve seen PlayStation mascot Toro make quite a few appearances in different games, and in celebration of the PlayStation’s 20th and Doko Demo Issyo’s 15th anniversaries, Sony’s Play.Community blog started a series of crossover artwork with different franchises.


In the latest collaborative artwork series, they decided to go with an unlikely mash-up of the adorable Toro, and what he’d look like if he were in the survival-horror universe of Siren.


The above is a look at the silhouettes of the Toro artwork, so you can brace yourself before seeing the actual thing.


… okay, are you ready?


Now here’s a look at the two illustrations depicting Toro in the world of Siren series designer Miki Takahashi.


As a side note, Takahashi’s art style might be quite different from what you’d expect from the cute Toro games, but she actually worked on Doko Demo Issyo: Toro to Nagareboshi [Toro and the Shooting Star] as a designer between the first two Siren games.

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