Ys IX Introduces The Mysterious Aprilis, And Carla, Kilysha, Riche, Parks, Yufa, And Chante

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Yesterday, Falcom introduced new characters in Ys IX: Monstrum Nox in the form of Aprilis, who is the hooded woman seen in the first visual, as well as side characters, Parks, Carla, Kilysha, Chante, and Yufa. Just what will Adol’s encounters with these people mean for him?  [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Aprilis (CV: Haruka Michii)

aprilis 1

aprilis 2

aprilis 3

“Gather, Monstrum! For this vile midnight feast!”

A hooded woman Adol meets with determined eyes and a prosthetic arm and leg. While she’s young, she has a cold attitude and a dignified attitude that overwhelms others. She’s always seen wounded and tired…


Parks (CV: Kenyu Horiuchi)

parks 1

ys ix ss5

“There are areas that even guards aren’t allowed to enter… have you heard this rumor?”

A carefree middle-aged man incarcerated at Barduke Prison. After meeting Adol, he becomes Adol’s informant regarding important information surrounding the prison. It seems he was sentenced for fraud or lying about his credentials, but how much this person says is truth is something nobody knows.



carla 1

ys ix ss1

“That wouldn’t be too bad for you, now would it… Adol Christin?”

A female merchant associated with the Pendleton Trading Company, which is boasted as the largest firm in Barduke. She’s an excellent merchant who hungers for what lies ahead in the future, and is in charge of her father Riche’s main store. While she’s managed to become a standout merchant, this seems to have caused a bit of a rift between her and her shy younger sister.



kilysha 1

ys ix ss2

“I-I’m sorry, sister…”

The second daughter of the Pendleton family. She’s a shy and fainthearted young girl who has developed a complex towards her older sister while hearing stories of her deeds. She’s working at the Company like her sister, but somebody has stolen the money she earned from her sales.



chante 1

ys ix ss3

“Dogi-chan, your muscles are… a-ma-zing!”

An easygoing drag queen working as the manager of the bar Dandelion. He’s very caring, and because he gives out good advice using his life experiences, people of all walks of life consult with him. Thanks to his job, he has a large social network in Barduke, and is familiar to an extent with the residents and the Romun Empire.



yufa 1

ys ix ss4

ys ix ss6

“Alllright, I’m gonna work my hardest today as well!”

A perky woman working as a waitress at the Dandelion. She’s popular among the patrons for her peppy attitude and hard work, but she actually is going through hardships, like needing to support a living for her younger brothers and sisters as well. It seems that her childhood friend works at the coliseum, so sometimes she’ll have information on the happenings there.



riche 1

ys ix ss7

“We crush the opposition with our resources. That’s the Pendleton way.”

The head of the influential Pendleton family in Barduke. He’s a shrewd merchant who gained the amount of capital he has by monopolizing the rights to mine minerals from the nearby regions. He’ll do anything in the name of profit and sales, and with his overbearing attitude there are quite a few people who bears a grudge against him.


Finally, Falcom announced that there will be save data bonuses for those who have played other PlayStation 4 Ys releases, such as the ‘Ancient Ring of Sealing’ for those with Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana save data; Ys : Memories of Celceta – Kai data will earn you the ‘Celceta Flower Decoration’ accessory.


Ys IX: Monstrum Nox releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan on September 26, 2019. For a look at more gameplay, check our previous report for its latest footage.

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