Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Introduces Maxim, Saradhi, Silhouette, Xavier, Tate, And Side Activities

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The latest issue of Famitsu has introduced five new side characters, as well as some side activities that Adol can partake in.


Maxim (CV: Toshiki Kusu)

maxim 1

A mysterious man who wears a hood and has an owl partner named Arthur. He works as a black market dealer at the corner of the Barduke street market, and deals with shady items and information. Perhaps he might know about the inside of the prison and the people jailed within?


Saradhi (CV: Kazumi Aranami)

saradhi 1

A dark-skinned beautiful traveling doctor currently staying in Barduke. She works actively as a doctor for those in the slums, offering checkups and her services for free. She helps out with a doctor acquaintance, and seems to be searching for a certain somebody, and as such sometimes appears at the bar Adol and Dogi frequents.


Silhouette (CV: Natsuko Hara)

silhouette 1

A mysterious woman who’s always wearing a mask and maid clothes. Unlike her appearance, she’s rather laid-back and is a person with common sense. She’s working for someone named ‘Teacher’, but was captured for her suspicious appearance, and thus jailed. It seems that the mask prevents her from seeing “certain things”.


Xavier (CV: Kyouka Moriya)


A Roo who can speak human language, and a condescending attitude. It lives in the prison, and becomes Adol’s ally.


Tate (CV: Yoshifumi Ono)

tate 1

A kind young blacksmith’s apprentice. His father, also a blacksmith, passed away a few years ago, and now he lives and works to provide for himself and his sister Arche. Supposedly, his father had a hammer that could make weapons to repel demons.


Side activities

side activities

On the side, you can help find blue petals, that you can pass to Margaret for rewards. There are also various graffiti drawings that can be reported to Baran for rewards, including some rare ones.


Finally, Dengeki Online has detailed Special Pack preorder bonuses, including a new visual tapestry with Adol and the Red King, and a DLC costume for White Cat:


white cat dlc

White Cat’s costume is based off Dana’s from Ys VIII.


Ys IX: Monstrum Nox releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan on September 26, 2019. Check out our previous report to watch some flashy battles with the Monstrum.

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