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Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Shares A First Look At The Blue-Haired Adol, Dogi, And New Supernatural Power



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It was recently revealed that Ys IX’s Adol is the dark blue-haired character we’ve seen before, and Falcom has followed up with a first look at the famous adventurer and his partner Dogi with new details and screenshots over at the game’s official website.




Adol Christin

Age: 24

Nickname: Adol the Adventurer


A one-of-a-kind adventurer who is said to have left behind a legacy of over a hundred volumes of adventure logs. He gets apprehended by Romun Soldiers at the Prison City of Barduke, as a material witness for an incident involving the disappearance of a Romun Fleet in the Atlas Ocean.


While Adol tries to escape from the prison, he meets a mysterious woman with a gun in her hand, and gets himself involved in an unusual incident surrounding the Prison City and Monstrum.



Age: 29

Nickname: The Wall Crusher


A wanderer who boasts mighty strength and supports Adol on his adventures. The punches that come from his large frame are powerful enough to crush walls. Since he’s accompanied Adol on his adventures for many years, he remains completely calm even during incidents that go beyond human comprehension and other completely mysterious happenings.



Once his adventure in Altago ended, he makes his way to the Gllia Eldlingen region of the Romun Empire, then gets caught together with Adol.



Ys IX introduces a unique action system called that allows you to use the supernatural powers of the Monstrum. These can be activated in various places, including towns, fields, and dungeons. They’re used not only in battle, but as a way to solve dungeon puzzles and such as well.


As you befriend more Monstrum in Barduke, you’ll get access to more supernatural powers.



The above is a look at a new one called “Crimson Line.”  This ability allows the user instantly warp from one spot to another in the form of a shadow. Since the user’s body actually turns into a shadow, you can use it to go through obstacles like rocks and walls.



The ability shows a line from the starting point to end, so you can also use it to damage enemies in battle by warping through them to inflict damage.


You can check out how it works in the video below:


Lastly, here are a few more screenshots:





Ys IX: Monstrum Nox releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan on September 26, 2019.

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