Ys VIII Gives Us A Closer Look At Raksha And Sahad, And Its “Ancient” Creatures

Falcom recently shared the latest details on their upcoming action RPG, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, and they’ve provided a closer look with some new screenshots and details on the game’s official website.

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Age: 19

Weapon: Rapier

Raskah is a daughter of a noble Roswell house of Garman. As a noble, she has a polite personality, but at the Drifting Village she finds herself a bit lost in their way of living. Nonetheless, she provides help with her knowledge of ancient ruins, animals, and plants as she works together with Adol and company.



Age: 41

Weapon: Anchor

Sahad is a fisherman from the Greek region, and has a personality that can’t be hated. In order to return to his hometown where his family awaits, he decides to work with Adol. In battle he has high attack power and range, but it seems like he can get punished due to his delay.



Siren Island is located south of Greek. Rumor has it that a ship went by the shores of the island and mysteriously sunk in its waters, and the island still remains inhabited. The name “Siren Island” comes a local myth about a monster that caused voyagers to become bewildered and sink their own ship after hearing it sing.


The island is also known as the “Eternally Cursed Island,” and not a single soul approaches it by their own will.


“Ancients” is the name given to the heteromorphic creatures living on Siren Island. You’ll see different varieties of them, from giant reptiles, birds, and fish, but they have completely different characteristics from what you see outside the island.


Among these variety of Ancients, there are violent types that attack humans that drift ashore on the island., and while they may appear to be like monsters, there’s a theory that these ancient creatures may have evolved this way due to being separated from the rest of the world.


Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana will release in Japan in summer 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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