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Ys VIII’s New Style Change System For Dana Is One Of The Biggest Additions On PS4 Version



Improved graphics and frame rates is a big plus for Ys VIII, but some of its biggest additions on the PS4 version comes from the second protagonist Dana’s new “Style Change” system.


In Ys VIII for PlayStation 4, the second protagonist, Dana, will get new actions and features through the “Style Change” system that is being implemented. In addition to new moves for Dana, there will be new dungeons for the PS4 version of the game that will require using her new skills to solve puzzles.


Let’s take a look at her three different styles.


Iclucian (Water)


  • This is her default style, and it’s an all-rounder with balance in attack and speed.
  • It gives you plenty of SP (Skill Points) so you can fight going all out with skills without having to worry too much about saving SP.



Skill Attack – Mistral Blow

By using her crescent blades, Dana spins around to hit surrounding enemies. The attack can be pulled off rather quickly, so it makes for a good follow on her regular attacks.



Special Ability: Using the power of water, she can extinguish fire that gets in the way.



Graitca (Earth)

  • A power-type style that focuses on high defense and attack range.
  • Movement is slow for this style, but its swinging attacks create opportunity with high chances to stun enemies.



Skill Attack – Souwabutou

Deals massive damage to enemies in range with a powerful rotating attack. It even brings out giant rocks from the ground to hit surrounding enemies.



Special Ability: Allows you to break open cracked walls. This also helps you get around areas that makes movement difficult, such as places with strong winds.


Luminous (Light)


  • This is a hit-and-run style that gives you even more speed than Iclucian. Its defense is exceptionally low and skills can be tricky.
  • Since it increase your rate of filling up the Extra Gauge, you can mash enemies with continuous attacks, then wipe them out with an Extra Skill.



Skill Attack – Elemental Shoot

Concentrates force on a single point and launches a super-speed beam of light on the target. Since it can penetrate through enemies, it is especially powerful against small-fry enemies.



Special Ability: Allows you to see things that are normally invisible. The energy of light can also be used to melt ice.


Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana releases on May 25, 2017 in Japan for PlayStation 4.

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