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Ys vs Trails in the Sky Fan Translation Is ‘Officially’ a Geofront Project

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For a few years now, XSEED and NIS America have been delivering localizations for Falcom’s The Legend of Heroes series. But there’s still a sizable backlog of untranslated games, and fans have been plugging away at those holes for just as long. A group of fans recently took on a peculiar project in the library, a crossover fighting game between the Ys and Trails in the Sky universes. Originally Ys vs Sora no Kiseki, the project is now Ys vs Trails in the Sky: Alternative Saga. The project was independent at first, but today the team behind it announced it has joined The Geofront, a group behind a new effort to create official localization-quality fan projects.

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The new team joins The Geofront as “V Sector,” which means these folks are still operating as their own team. However, being part of Geofront gives V Sector access to the existing team (C Sector) which gives them access to advice, technical assistance, and perhaps most importantly a style guide. This is only the second Geofront project, but being under this brand is a bigger deal than that fact implies.

Geofront’s first project was a retranslation of sorts of Trails from Zero, the first game in the series’ Crossbell storyline. This game had already seen a fan translation project on the PSP, which also includes the sequel. Geofront built on that foundation, and used it to create a new version for the PC, with updates largely focused on bringing the style closer to the official localizations and polishing the previous group’s work.

Ys vs Trails in the Sky: Alternative Saga appeared on the PlayStation Portable in Japan in 2010.

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