Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Disk Ring Capsule Toys Now Available in Color

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Disk Ring

Takara Tomy Arts announced the release of a new line of capsule toys in Japan, in the form of a new painted Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Disk ring. This new line includes a Duel Disk from each of the eight Yu-Gi-Oh series. The painted Duel Disk rings are scheduled to release on late March 2023. Each capsule toy will cost 300 JPY (or roughly $2 USD). [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The lineup for this new line of capsule toys consists of a total of eight differentmodels, ranging from the first Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters series to Yu-Gi-Oh Go Rush!!. That is the latest series, which premiered in April 2022. In October 2021, Takara Tomy released a similar line of Duel Disk rings capsule toys with a metallic finish. The old lineup included only seven rings.

The rings are made of zinc alloy, and their dimensions are roughly 38 to 52 millimeters in radius. Thanks to the new colored paint finish, it is easy to distinguish which series each ring belongs to.

You can check out the new line of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Disk ring in more detail in the gallery below.

The new painted Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Disk ring capsule toys will release in Japan on late March 2023. Each toy will cost 300 JPY (~$2 USD).

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