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Yu-Gi-Oh GX Flame Wingman Figure Will Burst Into Action

Tamashii Nations announced that the third figure in its Yu-Gi-Oh SH Monster Arts line will be Elemental Hero Flame Wingman from GX. More details about the figure and its launch will come out in the future.

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The promotional art for the Yu-Gi-Oh GX Flame Wingman looks like the monster’s summon animation in the anime. It looks like it’s standing on a spire of a building while a full moon is behind it. Other promotional art for it on the Tamashii Nations website depicts it in front of multiple skyscrapers. This is a reference to Skyscraper, which is a Field Magic card that specifically supports the Elemental Hero archetype.

Flame Wingman was the ace monster of Judai Yuki (Jaden Yuki) during the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh GX. It is a Fusion monster that requires Elemental Hero Avian and Elemental Hero Burstinatrix to create. When it destroys a monster in battle and sends it to the Graveyard, it can deal damage equal to its ATK to the opposing player. This effect works very well against monsters with high ATK, such as Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Incidentally, Red-Eyes Black Dragon was one of the SH Monster Arts figures from Tamashii Nations.

More information on the Yu-Gi-Oh GX Flame Wingman figure will come out in the future.

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