Yu-Gi-Oh Towels Celebrate Retro Spell Cards

yu-gi-oh towels
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eStream will release towels that look like Spell Cards from Yu-Gi-Oh. They’ll start appearing from mid-June 2023 as prizes that you can get from various Namco stores in Japan. The towels will likely be available as lottery prizes. [Thanks, PR Times!]

Each towel is around 120 centimeters long and 82 centimeters wide. There are three variations. You can either get Raigeki, Monster Reborn, or Polymerization. Monster Reborn will use the Japanese card art, which features an ankh from Egyptian mythology. As for the Polymerization card, it will use the more common version of the card art rather than the alternate (passcode 27847700) one.

Since they are prizes, it is unlikely that you will be able to choose which card you want. All three  cards have appeared since the start of the Yu-Gi-Oh card game. Some rulesets and games ether forbid or limit Monster Reborn and Raigeki, because they have powerful effects with virtually no drawback. So even though they’re familiar cards for longtime players, they’re not ones that can always go into your deck.

The Yu-Gi-Oh Spell Cards towels will be appear in Namco stores from mid-June 2023 as a prize. Other upcoming goods for Duel Monsters fans include a figure of Dark Magician Girl, which you can pre-order from Good Smile Company.

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