Yukie Is A Visual Novel Where A Single Sound May Herald Your Death


Yukie: A Japanese Winter Fairy Tale has players acting as the final descendant of a wintry demon and a human warrior, one who must listen for the slightest sound that’s out of place on his journey lest his chance at saving the world be cut short.


Yukie, a demon, fell in love with a man, only to have him disappear. Enraged and saddened at the loss of her loves, she has trapped the world in an eternal winter. The only people who can hope to withstand her chilling powers are the descendants born of that love, who carry a part of Yukie’s power. Each possesses chilling blue eyes, but none has survived going after her. The player, as Yukiji, the last descendant, must finish the journey no other could before, and strike her down.

Players won’t have an easy time of it as they progress through the game’s story. There are several moments throughout it where players will find wolves and other creatures stalking them. They can only fight these creatures by hitting the button the moment the player hears them, only giving them a few seconds to strike before they are killed. Players will need to stay very attentive if they hope to live to find Yukie.


Players who wish to experience the story of Yukie: A Japanese Winter Fairy Tale can get it from Steam and Playism.

Alistair Wong
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