Yume Neko DS Day 2: Interacting with Reno

I wanted to start things out right, so I decided to first engage in some basic interactions with Reno. After all, he is a virtual animal who requires virtual love and care. So I decided that, before exploring or analyzing Yume Neko DS, I'd try and cover my new cat's basic needs.

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Reno heads for his food

I gave Reno some food and water and fill his litter box. It was really easy, I just clicked the top right icon, chose the box, then chose the center icon with the bottle on it. I clicked the first water bottle to fill the bowl with water, then returned to that menu and clicked the second food bag to feed him. For the litter – I did the same thing, only clicked the big, green bag.


I then decided to pet Reno. I clicked on him and the screen zoomed in to show him. I then began petting, and he adored it. He even fell over and started purring. I used the direction pad to turn so I could get a better view of his cuteness. I noticed there was an icon of a cat with lines coming off of it. Apparently Reno could learn his name, or I could issue commands to him. I tried it, and he didn't react. Perhaps in time he will learn his name.


Reno looks bored, roaming around the cabin. So I decided to play with him. I went to the upper right paw icon and went to the box. I then went to the car icon. You start with two toys, a purple wand with a fluffy purple puff on the end and a ball. I decided the wand would be more fun, since most cats aren't that good at fetch.


I pulled it out and waved it in front of him. Reno took a few experimental swats, before really whacking it with gusto. The screen suddenly started rotating around him, and a box came up. It informed me that my skill in playing with that had increased, and if I pressed L while holding the toy, I'd stand up and Reno could jump and play for it. I gave it a try and he was quite enthusiastic. Reno obviously has quite a bit of energy.


He didn't appreciate the jingle ball as much. He liked it, but it was clear the purple wand is his favorite.


I also decided to take a picture of Reno with the in-game camera while focused in on him. I didn't like lack of a zoom feature, but I still managed to get a few good shots.

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Images courtesy of Sega. Photo credit Jenni/Siliconera.

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