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Yume Neko DS Day 3: Making things pretty for Reno


The home started out pretty bare. Only the cat essentials were present – food and water dishes and a litterbox. It was no way to live. Plus it couldn't be comfortable or interesting for Reno. So my next mission was to do some interior decorating.


So I went to the bottom right icon, the folder, and clicked the chest of drawers. A floor plan then popped up for the room I was in. Eight items can be placed in the main room, so I decided to start decorating.


Reno on the sofa Initially a few essentials were provided. A couch, a TV, a bed, a table and three dressers/bureaus were available. Each item has a little arrow on it to show which direction should face an open area for cat use. I decided to put a dresser, a bed, a couch and the TV in the room. Sadly, items could not be placed anywhere. Each item has certain areas where it can be placed, which appear in colored areas when it is clicked and dragged.


This means that the TV can not face the TV, and any 'human' items are relegated to real estate touching room walls. Cat items aren't much better, as they can only go in a certain area a short distance away from walls, and can't go in the center of the room.


So I set it up. I then decided to alter the look of the room a bit. The upper right bureau icon represents decorating options. The first one lets you change the wallpaper, flooring and ceiling color. The second option lets you add furniture and the third lets you add paintings. I changed my room's color scheme and then added furniture. (Remember, the items can be dragged to proper spots, then rotated by clicking the bottom left hand icon. Once you're finished, click the blue icon on the bottom right.) My work complete, I clicked the red back arrow.


Suddenly a screen popped up! Reno was rating my decorating skills! I received one "hit", and all the rest were misses. Apparently he doesn't approve.


I then headed to the kitchen area. Only the table could be placed there, so I did. I also took this time to check out the bathroom areas. They're cute, but incredibly small. You can't put anything in here or alter the surroundings.


Even though Reno didn't seem pleased in the room review, he's still frolicking happily. I guess he isn't too picky after all.

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Images courtesy of Sega. Photo credit Jenni/Siliconera.

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