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Yume Neko DS Day 4: Shopping for Reno


Yume Neko shopsI was tired of sitting inside all day, catering to a cat – especially since there wasn't much to do with him yet. I decided to explore the town and find new items for Reno. There was 50,000 burning a hole in my pocket.


Right near the cabin I chose was a reality office, which had a giant truck on top. Visiting there would let me change homes. I'm still happy where I am, so I decided to pass. A red roofed Cat Club house, where you can get other cats and store them, was also in the immediate vicinity. Perhaps later I will get Reno a friend named Rude or Elena, but for now one cat is enough.


I also came across a game sharing shop, a Recycle Shop which will buy used items and some photo opportunity spots. I looked in each area, but didn't spend much time in any of those areas.


It was in the beach area district where I discovered the Department Store and Furniture Store. I stopped by the Department Store first, a multistory beige building with blue, yellow and red accents. I picked up one of each toy that I didn't already own, a comb, some shampoo, some litter, some food, some water, a cd of music and a blue collar.


Then I headed to the Furniture store, a beige building with blue windows. I couldn't afford much, since everything was so expensive, and finally decided on a cat tree, two different kinds of scratching posts and a bulletin board for my room's wall.


My shopping done and wallet emptied, I headed home to Reno. After all, I'd spent a lot of time away from the cabin, and I'm sure he was starting to miss me.

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Images courtesy of Sega.

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