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Yume Neko DS Day 6: Random Yume Neko DS observations


Yume Neko DS is really an adorable little game. Its a fun way to spend time, and I enjoy leaving the DS open while I work on other things. Since Reno can take care of a lot of his needs on his own, I don't have to worry about feeding him or anything really going wrong. Its a soothing distraction, and is very realistic. Many of Reno's actions and reactions are identical to my real cat's.


First of all, when the game starts, you hear a cat meow twice in time the the "Sega" opening announcement, instead of a voice saying it. It is a cute twist on a Sega classic.


Cleaning Reno Grooming cats is difficult. I purchased the wire comb, and would try to brush Reno to make him pretty. He'd take it for a while, until some sparkles would come up, but inevitably he'd escape after a few minutes. I guess he prefers to be natural. The same can be said for bathing. He will not do well in competitions if he won't let me make him sparkle!


Reno likes to sit up. I've attempted to teach him his name, but apparently he's interpeting that as 'sit up'. Its weird, but cute. It's made for some incredibly adorable pictures.


Reno looks good in the blue collar, but the red and pink ones don't seem to suit him. He also must have some sort of built-in feng-shui sensor, which allows him to just 'know' when a room isn't arranged properly. I had no idea cats could be so fashionable and stylish.


Apparently humans need to learn to play. Playing with Reno with his toys boosts my toy experience. Once I reached the first level with all seven toys, a 2x zoom was added to the camera. I can't wait to see what else is unlocked – I have a feeling more zoom functions will be added.


There are also some competitions, and the ability to send photos to win awards, but so far I haven't succeeded in my endeavors in those fields. It seems like the competitions require the cat to make certain poses while playing, and the photos have to be of the cat in a certain position.


Most importantly, Yume Neko DS is really a fun virtual pet game, and is easily on par with Nintendogs. There are some instances where Japanese language skills are required, but it doesn't interfere with enjoyment of the game. If you have access to an Action Replay DS, I recommend getting the max money code available through the client.


Images courtesy of Sega. Photo credit Jenni/Siliconera.

Jenni Lada
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