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Zanki Zero’s Patch 1.03 Adds New Game+, Various Improvements, Balance Adjustments



Spike Chunsoft released a new Patch 1.03 update for its survival dungeon crawler game Zanki Zero: Last Beginning, which adds a variety of improvements, balance adjustments, and New Game+.


Upon clearing the game for your first time you’ll get a new mode called New Game+, where you’ll get carry over your save data from clearing and continue from there. Stats such as skill points, Shigabane, Clione, Sound Player, and Extend Machine carries over into New Game+.


As far as improvements, Spike Chunsoft added small functions that should improve the QoL for players such as picking up extra items when a character is full with items will be picked up by the next character with available inventory.


You can now move items from a party member to a reserve member with a single press of a button. Characters who don’t participate in co-op skills will no longer have to wait for cooldown. Additionally, the system menu now shows how many days of progress have gone by.


There’s been several adjustments including enemy strength, damage reduction when hitting a wall from an enemy attack, less score penalty when selecting “return to base,” and a variety of other balances in battle as well as bug fixes.


Zanki Zero: The Last Beginning is available in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game launches in North America and Europe in Spring 2019 for PS4 and PC.

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