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Zenless Zone Zero Rina Gameplay Details Revealed

HoYoVerse has revealed the gameplay details for Alexandrina Sebastiane, or Rina, who’ll be one of the playable characters in Zenless Zone Zero. She’ll be a member of Victoria Housekeeping Co.

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Rina will be an Electric character who can act as a supporting character when she provides buffs. She fights using two dolls, Drusilla and Anastella. While Rina can technically support anyone, she works best with other Electric Agents or Victoria Housekeeping Co. characters. This is because she can increase the duration of their Shock effect, and so long as Shocked enemies exist, she can increase how much Electric DMG everyone does.

As for how you’ll want to use her on the field, she’s similar to a sub-DPS or off-field support in Genshin Impact. After using her Skill to deal damage, she can increase other squad members’ PEN Ratio. While that effect is active, you can switch to another Agent to deal extra damage for the entire squad. However, this only lasts until Drusilla and Anastella return to Rina.

Zenless Zone Zero is an upcoming HoYoVerse game that’ll combine hack ‘n’ slash combat with grid exploration elements. Like in most gacha games, you’ll be able to collect characters from various factions and explore New Eridu, as well as the Hollows that appear in it. There may be some changes to the final product depending on feedback from beta tests, though.

Zenless Zone Zero will come out on the PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices.

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