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Zero Time Dilemma Original Soundtrack Will Release in September 2022

Zero Escape Zero Time Dilemma Original Soundtrack

The Zero Time Dilemma soundtrack will appear after over six years have passed since its initial release in 2016. Spike Chunsoft and SweepRecord will release Zero Time Dilemma Official Soundtrack in September 2022.

Early pre-orders for the soundtrack are immediately available on SweepRecord’s Japanese site. People can purchase the album for 3,960 yen (~$29). The publisher will hold early sales for the soundtrack on September 9, 2022. All other stores will begin selling the album on September 23, 2022. While SweepRecord also has an international web store, it has yet to put the Zero Time Dilemma soundtrack there as of this writing.

The soundtrack will come with 3 CDs labeled C, Q, and D. It will have a total of 63 tracks, and Shinji “Sampling Masters MEGA” Hosoe composed all of them. The album’s booklet will contain a commentary from the scenario writer Kotaro Uchikoshi. The last disc D will also include six bonus tracks that never appeared in the game.

  1. Mind Blank
  2. Morphogenetic Sorrow
  3. Fragmented Folie
  4. Sacrificial Demise -Alt-
  5. Profound Divulgation -Alt-
  6. Bogue Solace -Alt-

SweepRecord has also published a trailer for the soundtrack on its YouTube channel:

Zero Time Dilemma originally came out for PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, and PC in late June 2016. Spike Chunsoft later ported the game to PlayStation 4 in August 2017.

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