Pictures of the Playstation 3 60GB model

By Spencer . August 19, 2006 . 4:58pm

Sony released some new images of the higher end 60 GB Playstation 3 model. Past the jump is a comparison between the PS3 20GB and 60GB model front side. Also you can download larger images of the PS3 past the jump.





PS3 60GB front view | side view

PS3 20GB front view | side view

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  • the_importer

    Pre-order now and receive a free set of steak knives !

  • lawl

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  • lawlz

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  • Randy the Piss Three

    Ooooh PS3 will suck? how hard baby your making all the Sony boys randy!

    Blow baby blow. Nothing blows like a Sony Blow Ray! Sony Batteries blow Dell, and they like to give me a blown pixel or two in my PSP, Blow another SPE in my cell baby, and Blow like your DVD deep inside my stinky PS2.

    Oooooh Sony you are just a blower for us Sony fanny boys! Frrrrt- oops!

    P.S above commenter is such as phag.

  • the_importer

    Considering that would couldn’t even spell your user name correctly and had to double post, well you get the idea -_-

  • Wow

    wow, then even copied the 360 down to the chrome stripe on the premium like the 60gb ps3 has and one solid color like the 360 core for the 20gb one…..really sad.

  • laf

    too bad xbox 360 was a huge failure

    glad it worked too lol gg microsoft

  • XAL

    I could have sworn that the 360 was a pretty damn good success for MS in every territory except Japan.

    Sony has “borrowed” a ton from MS, so they must be doing SOMETHING right. They are using 2 SKU’s – except they are bastardizing the lower SKU a helluva lot more than MS did with their core. They’re also taking the online point purchase system, and even going so far as to steal MS’ Achievement system and re-naming them “Entitlements” which is just flat out theft, also, the word entitlement makes no sense for what its purpose is. They also took the wireless standard WITH the guide button. They put motion sensing control, and you can say they “stole it” from the Wii, but 6 axis motion control is just LAME – doesn’t even compare to what the wiimote can do. I also love all the BS they feed their consumers for their PS products, and all they do is gobble it up.

    GG SONY, come up with something by yourself for a change

    and GG Sony fans, try your hardest to use your brains like Official Playstation Magazine’s editor – being forced into buying a $600 console because it contains crap you don’t want or need like Bluray is not okay.

    It’s just sad what Sony is doing to their customers, they’re pushing Bluray onto their most loyal fanbase because every other department is going down the tubes and they need this desperately if they want their company to survive.

    The sadder thing is that there are a lot of suckers willing to buy into their BS and product that should be $400, but because of a useless Bluray player it’ll cost them $200 more. And sure, you can justify it as a $200+ addo on for a hi-def player, but do you even want it? will you even buy bluray movies?

  • Miller

    I like how people generate their own little bubbles of reality where anything they desire (such as, for example, the xbox 360 being a ‘huge failure’) can be real! I imagine this imagination land is a fruitful place, brimming with unicorns, and when a rainbow shines upon the glistening eyes of a newborn baby all your wishes fall from the sky like rain.

    The Xbox 360 isn’t failing, numb nuts, stop pretending.

  • chas

    Er Miller, I got the impression Laf was being sarcastic in his post there, drawing attention to Sony’s ‘untouchable’ mindset.

  • Mike

    Sony Copy Microsoft? …no more than any console has taken stuff from previous consoles. It’s evolution.

    I’m most dissapointed that the PS3 is sticking to the Dual Shock controller design. I LIKED the direction the banana controller was going (although maybe the desgin wasn’t quite right and a bit strange looking.) I actually hoped for a compromise between the banana and the dual shock. The dual shock is FAR from the epitome of controller perfection. The 360 pad (apart from having a horrible d-pad) is better already. Dual Shock is shit for using dual analogues, they are far too close together.

    As for the looks of the PS3 itself? Ugly and impractical looking. They should start from scratch. You can’t set anything on it cause it’s curved. It will be hard to grasp and move cause of the weird shape. They should *ahem* make something more 360-ish :)

  • ButtPirate

    I’m always appalled by the Fanboy Console Wars. From a business standpoint, Microsoft released the 360 at the best possible time – now, when the far-too-overpriced PS3 comes out, the 360 will suddenly look more attractive than ever and people will buy. I’m a huge fan of all of the console developers, but I really think Sony is blowing this one by alienating the vast majority of consumers.

  • smile

    this is a PLAYSTATION 3 (notice the caps, i think sony has inf complex.) its so big and fat just the way i like it…..

    i thought it was a a George Forman Grill. i was bout to get my eat on

    eewww crome so pretty makes me happy….

  • smile

    mike has a point, i have large hands and the dual shock is very uncomfortable for me to use mostly if using both an-sticks i actualy like the duke (origal xbox control) because of its size. but the scontrol was better they made a compromise smaller control better feel. the 360 control is awsome (- dpad ofcourse) the weight is just right and the vibration is prob. better than the scontrol, and i like the fact that u can conect to any usb source to recharge bats or just use 2 aa bats and your good.

    to me the dual shock is old. compare snes control to a dual shock and the only diff is ds has 4 shoulder buttons and the grip things on the bottom of control (2 ani sticks). its basicly a modified snes control and nintendo stoped using that type of control a long time ago

  • creamofsumyounguy

    whats with all the “phag” user pics

  • They are Disgaea 2 character pictures. Personally I like them.

  • lol “we can’t do rumble it interferes with the gyroscopes”

    meanwhile elsewhere

    “the wii remote will have rumble, motion and position sensing, builtin speaker, microphone, and will be expandable”

  • Are you honestly trying to say that you would rather have the nintendo wii over the PS3? You have to be joking! And for those of looking to buy the xbox 360 over the playstation you have to be fools. With everything said and done and with all the xbox attachments, the PS3 will only be $100 more and you will also have a next gen dvd player. Sony has so much invested in this they can not afford to lose this battle, SO THEY WONT! SONY IS ALL IN MY FRIENDS AND MICROSOFT IS NOT GOING TO CALL THE HAND!

  • chaos_central

    beer girls, I dont see what you mean, I picked the 360 over PS3 for a couple reasons.

    1.I’m not having some crappy unproven media format pushed on me for a higher price tag. The format is also not needed, space on a single DVD9 is plent for this generation, take a look at TES4: Oblivion, you can fit a total of 2 copies on one DVD9, plenty for me.

    2.I wanted my High definition Next-gen experience a year early. You can say its an Xbox 1.5, call it what ever you may, But I love the system, and what it has to offer. I still see the PS3 as being $200 more and not $100 more, because not everyone needs wireless, not everyone needs an HD-Move player, not everyone wants their gaming system watered down with Sony Connect music store crap. Not everyone wants what Sony has to offer plain and simple. I bought an xbox 360 for one reason and one reason only. Gaming, that’s what it is all about. Gaming. Now why don’t you go unlock some entitlements and please go hang yourself………………….(sorry, but I found out someone I knew died in a car accident on Saturday…..)

  • RW

    An extra 200 for a blu ray drive thats worth 1000 and allows a possible 200gb game disc size seems to be worth it. Imagine Grand Theft Auto: America. Oh wait, you dont want a hi def drive? THEN GET A WII. these systems are not really in competition with each other this time, with the exception of PS3 vs. 360. they are targeting different markets.

  • RW

    beer girls

    Just because they have alot invested in it doesn’t mean they will win the format war. In fact it almost ensures they’ll lose. Sony has made tons of terrible, stupid, uninformed, unconsumer-friendly decsions, more of them lately. If the entire company is involved in it its almost certian someone will fuck it up. Im sure they invested alot in BetaMax, and MiniDisc, and countless other failed sony products that went down the drain because of terrible management, not a lack of quality.

  • not fanboy

    All this fanboy talk… is quite amusing really. You all choose a system whose company has brainwahsed you in every advertisement they have shown across the nation. This campign is othewise known as FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) . Blu-ray is unproven? wanna look it up before you start commenting on that again? It has been researched and already on the market in Japan since when? 2003. When was Blu-ray discovered? 1996.

    Do some research kids. I’m just giving you facts plain and simple. If PS3 is not worth it to you, you don’t need it and it will leave plenty of buyers like me to have one come launch day. Just cause, some friends tell you that their 360 is awesome or PS3 is the best or worst thing ever, they have no say. If you guys wanna get technical about this, PS3 is going to be the easiest console to develop for this time around. so to all you lol-GG-fanboys, goodnight.

  • bMac

    Hey RW,
    If the sony sys didnt require bloated code Grand Theft Auto America would fit on DVD9, and who wants to watch movies on a game console, they are loud(fans) and cumbersome ALL CONSOLES and you can get a good dvd player cheap. As for blueray and hddvd it is early adopter time not mass market time. you think game consoles are scratch intolerant, wait these new drives are completely scratch intolerant, SO YOU BETTER SAVE SAVE SAVE disc unreadable ha ha ha nextGen BAD!

  • Fanboy your name is totally correct. You don’t understand what unproven means. You say that bluray was discovered in 1996…WTF!!!! GET A DICTIONARY! Holographic technology which is being used in holographic discs was discovered in 1963…What the heck is your point?
    Bluray is unproven as it isn’t even launched yet, HD-DVD isn’t a proven technology either but Microsoft isn’t making it compulsory in their console so users would have to shell out more cash.
    Neither disc format will really become established until 2008. And by then it will more than likely be HD-DVD…this generation doesn’t need 50GBs of storage especially for games…DVD9 is good enough.

  • Unfortunately I have to repost to my earlier reply to “not fanboy”. Here you can see some information about the 1963 discovery…and sure you can have all the money in the world to buy a console with features you won’t use in the near future…but isn’t that like buying a car when you don’t even have a license?
    Just my two cents.

  • John5675

    The PS3 is not orginal from my opinion. If the Sony team wanted something brand new and innovating should’ve created something completely original in those past 5 years they’ve given. The console itself is a rounded PS2 design in my opinion. As for the controller, the boomarang controller was unique alright, but they didn’t say anything was new incorporated. It was probably the same turtle in a new shell. It was too ugly that’s why they change back to the forever-been-there controller since the ps1 days. Where’s the innovation in that? The interface is even from the psp…wtf…they didn’t have time to code a new one or what? I bet under that UI is the same source code borrowed from the psp. Well, I just hope Sony don’t fuck up cause I really want to play Gran Turismo 5 on it, and that’s about all I want from it, not the BR movies or the like.

  • The 360 is giving you options. If you want HD movies, buy the HD DVD adaptor, if you want wireless buy it. It is not forced on you, I do not have a HDTV, I do not want to spend £40 on a movie when I can get them at £19 on a DVD. I chose the 360 because it is a powerfull system, great game lineup including exclusive GTA content (regular updates on live only for 360) and GTA comes out the same time on 360 and PS3.

    However once PS3 is less ugly, comes down in price and if the Blu Ray does not die like most other Sony formats then I might consider it.

    All in all your dream of GTA: America would never happen, the simple fact is developers will not spend that long on a game, the only benefit of Blu Ray is that they can make longer CGI movies, yay.

    You will not even get better looking texture because the graphics card on the PS3, has a set bandwith, therefore they cannoy pump more than a certain size of texturse through. Basically if any console could have the better graphics its 360 because it has a higher bandwith.

    Anyway in the end 360 and PS3 will be about the same for games, so there is no reason to waste money on a PS3. However the Wii is certainly different and probably well worth the money. 360 + Wii sounds good to me.

  • trayE

    I’m waiting for a 170$ Wii ! :D

  • Gamertag?

    I hope the PS3 doesn’t sell. The $600 dollar is only the beginning of the hole the PS3 will put in one’s pocket. Its proprietary technology such as Blu-Ray and the Cell processor will make it harder on developers and publishers to price their games competitively. Games will be in excess of $70 and maybe even $100. The games that are priced in this range will be 3 year mega-projects. PS3 games in general will be few and far between and the only good one will be sequels such as MGS4, Devil May Cry 4, and Killzone 2.

    Nonetheless the PS3 will most likely sell out solely because of the playstation fanboys with deep pockets. If the PS3 sells, it could usher in a new era of super premium consoles that are more it-gadgets than fun toys like they should be. Please, head my words, do not buy the PS3, do not let Sony tell you that you should pay out the ass for a HD gaming. A world with PS3 is a world not worth living in.

  • J

    Is there a reason why the 20gb and 60gb have different colored drives from the side view? One is silver and the other is black.

  • Mr. M

    Im glad to hear a lot of you aren’t buying it.

    Wipe your baby tears and get a job.

  • R

    trayE, you will be waiting for quite a long time then. you will be lucky to get a 170 EURO wii, but for a US version look at around $250, maybe a little less.

  • curtis

    screw you all. I mean the ps3 is going to kick every single console out there. Can’t wait for it. 600$, eh whatever, i don’t care about the price. Can’t wait till november 17!

  • iceman

    I don’t think that the 360 will do very well due to the lack of innovative games coming out. What games are coming out for the 360…. not much. Gears of War is the closest to come out and who knows when Halo 3 is coming out? Im not going against the 360 because it does ave some good games, but face the fact, the original x box came through to next generation because of Halo. What else? Every other game was on the PS2. Once the PS3 comes out, I think that the 360 will drag until Halo 3 comes out… whenever it does. I like Halo 2 and im sure that Halo 3 will be honest, but after Halo, then what? Most games coming out “exclusive” now to the 360 will come out for PS3 later. Like Oblivion, once a 360 and PC exclusive, now its coming out for launch for the PS3. People need to take into consideration that PS3 will have more games and better games. The Japanese influence on the PS3 is a major factor that the system will accoplish its goals. Now for the controller, yes, its a little lame, bu thats not really the point now is it. The motion sensor that Sony apparently stole from Nintendo is going to set limits for how games are played. When you think about it, the 360 controlers are almost the exact same format as the s- contoller for the original x box. so dont go and say that the PS3 controller is old, the main reason is the new abilities, not the look. I think that many who own a 360 will sell theirs to get a PS3 later in its life, and that the PS3 and Wii will earn 1st and 2nd prize in the next generation war. The 360 i think is old news,… no new gameplay and just updated graphics. No biggy. The true next gen console is the Wii, but the PS3 will remain in first due to tradition. Specs dont matter in this next gen console war, only the games and the way they are played.

    by the way, i am definetly buying a PS3, no doubt.

  • Night

    Iceman tells it like it is. The XBox 360, while still a very good system, just simply is Not “Next Gen”. It has improved, no doubt, but compared to the PS3 I doubt in the long run it’ll hold out at all. It’ll be interesting to see what really does sell more, since ps3 a few things counting against it (obviously the high price, and late release date in comparison with Xbox360). What made the decision for me was the lineup of games. The 360 games don’t strike me as a huge improvement from the xbox, and the ps3 game previews are just incredible! Take a look at some of the trailers if you don’t believe me. I’m not a typical Sony loyalist, only a realist.

  • Night

    Oh, I wanted to add something. Since the ps3 should have at least a 10 year life span before a new console is made, it’s likely Microsoft will be forced to make a new XBox before then, and then the price of it and the 360 will easily be over what the ps3 is now. Just a guess.


  • ok japanese people are much smarter than us people so of course the ps3 is better because it’s more expensiver and you can go online with it and hook your psp on it

  • GamerGuy

    hahahahaha, ooooooooooooh it makes me laugh when people fight over which console is best, its like when we were all 5 year olds, ‘my daddys better than your daddy’ ‘no mine is better’
    honestly guys come on, grow a brain. If you want a wii get a wii, if you want a 360 get a 360 and if you want a PS3 get a PS3, ITS UP TO YOU !!!! (or you could wait for the next super console, the playboxwii360………in my dreams)
    im getting a PS3, ive played my mates wii and my other mates 360 and i think the PS3 will be better, all the good original games came out on the PS1 in the starting place (well apart from the sega megadrive and all the other ‘oldies’) and Halo was practicly the only thing that got the xbox though their first console (someone else said that in an earlier post i think) i think the PS3 will be more visually stunning (yes i have played gears of war so you carnt use that against me)
    for all you people saying the PS3 ‘copies’ or ‘steals’ things from the 360, well your right they do, the same way the xbox ‘copied’ or ‘stole’ ideas from the PS2, its just the way consoles evolve i guess
    so guys dont hate a person for buying a different console than you, and dont hate a console for being different from the one you already have
    happy gaming everyone

  • GamerGuy

    im from England aswell everyone, just to let you know =)
    and for you not-so-smart americans, im British, you know, the people who you steal languages off and steal thier inventions to claim as your own (lol, just messing with ya)

  • Too. Fantastic! I mean, god! Her own secretions upon them, sir.? c8ww Yes. That’s impossible mr. My ass with girls. c8wc Oh, maybe even with my back. Yes, laura.

  • Hi Sam! Photos i send on e-mail.

  • LJ

    Don’t really care about the 360 myself, if I’m after a games pc I’d use a pc as its easily fixed and upgradeable (thats just me).

    Much more interested in actually using a PS3 as a Linux box (some of us actually program) the IBM Cell processor on the PS3, that sounds impressive, so the system uses one core and I’m only left with 7 thats great – if anyone can wrap the PS3 into a laptop format then I’ll take one of those too.

    Just a pity that Sony seem to have decided to lock off the high end graphics from Linux, anyone getting past that would make this the greatest home Linux box ever.


  • Its okay, i wish to buy it for 800 dollars or how much more do i need to buy. please you can submit the answers to my e-mail

  • Please i need a playstation 3 as my birthday gift please Sony send it to me on 25th september 2007

  • Justin

    So far support Blu-Ray has come to this as far as I can tell:

    Board of Directors
    Apple, Inc.
    Mitsubishi Electric
    Sun Microsystems
    Twentieth Century Fox
    Walt Disney
    Warner Bros.


    Acer Incorporated

    Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

    Almedio Inc.
    Aplix Corporation
    ArcSoft, Inc.
    AudioDev AB
    Broadcom Corporation
    Canon Inc.

    China Hualu Group Co., Ltd.
    CMC Magnetics Corporation
    Corel Corporation
    Cryptography Research Inc.
    CyberLink Corp.
    DATARIUS Technologies GmbH
    Daxon Technology Inc.
    D-Box Technologies Inc.
    DCA Inc.
    Deluxe Media Services Inc.
    Dolby Laboratories Inc.

    Dreamer Co., Ltd.
    DTS, Inc.

    Eclipse Data Technologies

    FUJIFILM Corporation
    Fujitsu Ltd.

    Funai Electric Co., Ltd.
    Gibson Guitar Corp.
    Kenwood Corporation

    Lionsgate Entertainment
    LITE-ON IT Corporation

    Macrovision Corp.

    Magnum Semiconductor, Inc.
    MediaTek Inc.
    Meridian Audio Ltd.
    Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co.Ltd.
    Mitsui Chemicals Inc.

    Monster Cable Products
    Moser Baer India Limited
    NEC Electronics Corporation

    Osmosys SA
    Pixela Corporation
    Prodisc Technology Inc.
    Pulstec Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Ricoh Co., Ltd.
    Ritek Corporation
    ShibaSoku Co. Ltd.
    Sigma Designs Inc.

    Silicon Integrated Systems Corporation
    Sonic Solutions
    Sony BMG Music Entertainment
    ST Microelectronics
    Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.,
    Victor Company of Japan, Ltd.
    Visionare Corporation
    Zentek Technology Japan, Inc.
    ZOOtech Ltd.
    Zoran Corporation

    General Members

    Adobe Systems

    Allion Test Labs, Inc.

    Alpine Electronics Inc.
    Arima Devices Corporation
    ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG

    ASV Corp.

    Avid Development GmbH
    B.H.A. Corporation

    BluFocus Inc.
    Bose Corporation

    Brickbox Digital Media
    B&W Group
    The Cannery
    Cheertek Inc.
    Cinram Manufacturing Inc.
    CustomFlix Labs, Inc.

    Custom Technology Inc.
    D&M holdings, Inc.
    Daewoo Electronics Corporation
    Daikin Industries, Ltd.
    Elpida Memory, Inc.
    Expert Magnetics Corp.

    Falcon Technologies International
    Fujitsu Ten Ltd.
    GalleryPlayer Media Networks
    Gear Software

    Global Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Gowell Electronic Limited
    Hie Electronics, Inc.
    Hoei Sangyo Co., Ltd

    Horizon Semiconductor.
    IMAGICA Corp.

    Imation Corp.
    INFODISC Technology Co., Ltd.
    Infomedia Inc.

    Info Source Multi Media Ltd.
    Intersil Corporation
    Iwatsu Test Instruments

    Kobe Steel Co. Ltd.
    Konica Minolta Opto Inc.
    Lauda Co. Ltd.
    Lead Data Inc.
    LINTEC Corporation
    MainConcept AG
    Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

    MIT Technology Co., Ltd.

    MoSys Incorporated
    Must Technology Co., Ltd.
    MX Production Services

    NEC Personal Products Ltd.
    Netflix Inc.
    Newtech Infosystems Inc.
    NexWave Solutions

    NHK Technical Services, Inc.
    Nichia Corporation
    Nikkatsu Corporation
    NTT Electronics Corporation
    nVidia Corporation
    OC Oerlikon Balzer AG
    Omnibus Japan Inc.
    Onkyo Corporation
    Online Media Technologies Ltd.
    Ono Sokki Co., Ltd.
    OPT Corporation

    Optodisc Technology Corporation
    Origin Electric Co., Ltd.
    Pico House

    Plannet Associates
    PoINT Software & Systems GmbH
    Pony Canyon Enterprise
    Primera Technology, Inc.
    Q-TEC, Inc.

    Quantized Systems
    Quanta Storage Inc.

    Realtek Semiconductors
    Rimage Corporation
    Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
    Dr. Schwab Inspection Technology GmbH
    Singulus Technologies

    Targray Technology International Inc.
    TEAC Corporation
    Teijin Chemicals Ltd.

    Texas Instruments, Inc.
    THX Ltd.
    Toei Video Company Ltd.
    Toho Company, Ltd.
    Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.
    TOPTICA Photonics AG
    Trailer Park
    UmeDisc Ltd.

    Universal Music Group, Inc.

    VideACE Inc.
    Yamaha Corporation
    Yokogawa Electric Corporation
    1K Studios, LLC

    What does all this mean? Like Microsoft announced, it is possible the 360 will be given the option for a Blu-Ray drive soon. This is very logical since Blu-Ray is (obviously) winning the war on media. So that HD drive 360 owners more than likely shelled out $200 for? Will probably become worthless… I’d sell it now while there is still a demand for it if I were you.

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