Battle of the console exclusives

By Spencer . October 18, 2006 . 12:28pm

Even though the Wii has an original control scheme, the Xbox 360 has loads of RAM and the PS3 has the most disc storage it really comes down to the games selling the system. Since you can play Madden, Rayman Raving Rabbids and generic movie game #49209 on all three of the new systems the burden of a console’s success or failure largely relies on what games are exclusive. Exclusivity was one of the cornerstones of the Playstation brand. When Sony claimed stake to Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid many gamers went out to purchase Playstations and later Playstation 2s. Imagine if Final Fantasy VII was released for the Saturn and the PS1, the Saturn would have faired much better. So what can you expect to play on your next system and only on your next system? See the big list of console exclusives and some factoids about the three lists below.

Xbox 360


Microsoft (1st party published titles)

Alan Wake


Blue Dragon


Fable 2

Forza Motorsport 2

Fuzion Frenzy 2

Gears of War

Halo 3

Halo Wars

Infinite Undiscovery

Kameo: Elements of Power

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

Lost Odyssey

Marvel Universe Online

Mass Effect

Ninety-Nine Nights

Perfect Dark Zero

Project Gotham Racing 3

Project Gotham Racing 4


Too Human

Viva Piñata

Xbox Live Arcade Unplugged Volume 1



Amped 3



AQ Interactive

Cry On



Bullet Witch



Dead Rising

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition






Battlestations: Midway


Kane and Lynch: Dead Men


Electronic Arts

FIFA 2007 (for next generation consoles)


From Software

Tenchu Senran



Bomberman: Act Zero

Far East of Eden Ziria


Idea Factory

Spectral Force 3: Innocent Rage



Dance Dance Revolution Universe

Rumble Roses XX


Namco Bandai

Culdcept Saga

Eternal Sonata (Trusty Bell)

Idol Master

Mobile Ops: The One Year War

Ridge Racer 6

Zegapain XOR

Zoids Infinity EX Neo



Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis




Full Auto



Project Sylpheed



Dead or Alive 4

Dead or Alive Xtreme 2



MotoGP ‘06

Saints Row

The Outfit



Naruto (working title)

Over G Fighters

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 5

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  • I guess I don’t mind it when games are released on multiple consoles, only when there is content in the game that is exclusive to that particular system.

  • the_importer

    For the first time in my life, I can’t tell who’s gonna win. I’m taking my chances with Wii because I like fresh ideas like on the DS, but I still don’t know for sure if Nintendo will take SONY’s #1 spot.

  • I don’t know if Marvel Universe Online really counts as exclusive as one of their stated goals is that the game will have both Xbox 360 and Windows Vista versions. Certainly it’s not gonna wind up on the Wii or PS3, but I won’t have to buy a 360 to play it.

  • SimonX314

    “Sony managed to snag console exclusivity of The Elder Scrolls series and F.E.A.R. away from Microsoft.”

    The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion is on the 360, and extra content in the PS3 version will be available for download on the 360/PC. F.E.A.R. is also on the PC/360.

  • WII-man

    Though I’m a big fan of the wii, how many of the above exclusives will have a release OUTSIDE of Japan? I’d love for them to be, but it’s still a bit worrisome :(

  • DarkJC

    “The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion is on the 360, and extra content in the PS3 version will be available for download on the 360/PC. F.E.A.R. is also on the PC/360. ”

    Ok…hence, they stole the exclusivity from Microsoft. Note: that means those games aren’t exclusive anymore.

  • Rolf

    One title for the Wii was not listed – Sadness by Polish developer Nibris.

  • rabidMike

    Where is The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess ?

  • cnn

    Sadness does look like a GOTY.
    And yeah where is zelda?

  • skankcore

    bioshock and alan wake are both slated for pc release at the same time if not soon after xbox 360, also sadness from nibris is missing from the wii section (already noted), as well as bob ross painting by AGFRAG, and all HudsonSoft wii titles. you should really do your homework better. i’m sure you’ve missed other things as well. nice try though.

  • CloudNine

    The Wii Hudson titles are there it says on page 3:

    Sky Workers (I think that’s the flight game or something)

    And Twilight Princess is NOT an exclusive game it still is coming out for the Gamecube

  • HarryHigh

    Isnt zelda out on Gamecube…therefore not a Wii exclusive…

  • Madhatter

    PCs are not a competitor to Microsoft’s console.

    The PC games are using essentially the same Devkits at the 360, running on Microsoft OS.

    Microsoft is hitting Sony from both fronts. Most have labelled them “Microsoft Exclusives”.

  • haywood jablomi

    “Isnt zelda out on Gamecube…therefore not a Wii exclusive…”

    Shut it fool, it’s a nintendo exclusive and that’s what matters

  • max

    what about the umbrella chronicles by capcom? it’s a wii exclusive, isn’t it?

  • ender

    isn\’t rayman raving rabbids wii exclusive too?

  • Jadnice

    This is going to be one hell of a next Gen (new Gen) race. The company with the least to loose is Nintendo. Meaning… they did not invest a huge amount of new unproven technology (more so Sony and to a less degree Microsoft) in their system.

  • mortenfriis

    @ender: Rayman Raving Rabbids is not Wii exclusive, though the other versions will be very different and are currently not in development

    Also, Devil May Cry 4 might not be PS3 exclusive
    ( and

    Besides the Nibris developed game Sadness, you also forgot about the new development studio, Crossbeam Studios Entertainment, developing no less than three Wii exclusive titles: Orb, Thorn and Darkness.

    But a great article none the less!

  • C8M

    You forgot Full Auto for Xbox 360.

  • Michael

    You left out Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles from Capcom as a Wii exclusive. To bad capcom has only shown a 3 second video clip of the game.

  • olle

    You forgot animal crossing for wii, also raid over the river from nibris and orb, thorn and darkness from crossbeam studios.

  • Can Level 5 be considered first-party dev? cause I knwo there working on some puzzle game for the NDS and I bought Sony would allow them to do that if they were first -party.


  • pipo

    where is test drive unlimited?

  • B.Bad.

    Um… for the Wii… What about Far Cry, GT Pro, Prince of Persia, Sadness, Umbrella Chronicles… where they at?

  • brian

    twilight princess is rumored to be dropped for the gamecube… i think its safe to throw it on the wii list

  • neomagic

    Could it be Ratchet and Clank is missing?

  • Fiermancer

    Also Mass Effect for Xbox 360 by Bioware.

  • Crashzero3

    Sony didn’t snag anything Oblivion at it earliest announcement was stated for both 360 and PS3. I can’t believe so many Sony fans are happy to get Xbox hand me down, also any content that the PS3 Oblivion gets will come to 360 via Live.

  • ZERO22

    now this is going by the little tag after Fifa ’07: “(for next generation consoles)”

    you definitely should include Zelda TP for Wii and also don’t forget Smackdown vs Raw 2007 for xbox 360…

  • Anthony

    Who cares about xbox 360, every game ive played on that system has FPS problems… Its a good thing microsoft also makes a PC version for most of their games. That way I can load it up on to a system that can actually handle their games.

  • Kankles

    Shadowrun is not 360 exclusive as it is also coming out on PC.

  • Injustice4all

    I think that, from a business standpoint, it only makes sense for companies to develope games for multiple platforms. It gives them a larger audience to sell their games to, which means more $$$ for them. It’s also a great thing for us gamers, because you don’t have to feel like your missing out on anything becasue of the console you decided to buy. And, with exorbitant price tags like the one on the PS3, I don’t think most people are going to run out and buy all 3 systems.

  • incrediblebulk92

    @ Injustice4all

    It’s not really that simple, usually Sony and Microsoft pay companies to make games excludive for their systems (probably why Ubisoft took so long to announce AC for the 360). It can also take a lot of time (and money) to port games to other systems, its not as simple as changing the disc format sadly…would be great if more games were ported but how many people would buy a PS3 if mgs and R:FoM were on the 360 too….

  • tarkona

    Aside from Tekken 6, there isn’t a single game on any of the 3 lists that I really want to have. Sorry Sony, but I’m not spending $600 to play 1 game. Who really wants Naruto, Cooking Momma or Bob Ross Painting anyway?

  • Lord Alberonn I

    This report is right, it is often the games that determine the “winner” in the console wars. X-Box 360 did get a very good advantage by getting out of the door first. However, the Wii’s low price may give it a big advantage as well. As for Sony, once people see it in action with some good titles, that may entice people to fork over the big bux.

    Another thing I like about the Wii is that it will have a webbrowser available for it. (Though maybe not at launch.) That is something I haven’t seen since the Dreamcast. I remember surfing some of the sites looking for VMU downloads for the DC. I wonder if I’ll be able to do the same with the Wii? (I’m not counting portiable systems, though I think Sony was smart to add a browser to the PSP.) I don’t know if the PS3 will have one or if the 360 will get one either.

    There is one thing about having this sort of competition between companies, that is that competition fuels innovation. In the end we are all the winners as each company tries to outdo the other in order to win our gaming money.

  • Triforceowner

    Let’s see…

    RPG’s can sell 111 million consoles (PS2).
    FPS’s can sell 24 million consoles (XBox).
    Rehasing old series can sell 19 million consoles (Gamecube).

    I think whoever gets the most RPG’s exclusively to their console will win next generation… just one thought.

  • lim

    nice Job ,Excellent!!

  • Devil May Cry 4 is not an exclusive anymore.

  • oblivion

    oh come on the wii is goin to win the 360 sucks and the ps3 is gay and retarted and it sucks so the wii will win.

  • thomas

    Gday from australia!

    I think that the 360 will win. there is no way a wii or ps3 will ever beat it.
    I my self have one and think that the games are great(especialy halo 3 and halo wars).
    if you dont like it your a frecain loser!!

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