See the secret characters in Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

By Spencer . May 23, 2007 . 6:45pm


Final Fantasy fan service at its best or worse if you hate crossovers, all three cameo characters captured in one picture. It’s an open secret that players can find Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, Ruso / Luso from Final Fantasy Tactics A2 and Balthier from Final Fantasy XII in Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. Cloud has his Limit breaks like omnislash for his special job command, but what about Ruso and Balthier?


Luso is a little disappointing since he doesn’t have any “new” skills. I was hoping we would get a chance to see special skills from Final Fantasy Tactics A2 in the Lion War, but that is not the case at all. His job is Mob Hunter and his special command is Engage. But all of his abilities are the same as Ramza’s fourth special Squire class. Some of the status boosting commands are useful, like boosting his own speed and I guess it’s cool to have another character who can cast Ultima even though it isn’t that powerful of a spell.


Balthier is pretty powerful, but he doesn’t disrupt game balance as much as Orlandu. His class Sky Pirate is a mix of Mustadio’s engineer class and the thief class. In Balthier’s target command he can use leg aim to inflict don’t move status and arm aim to prevent enemies from attacking. He also has all of the thief abilities like steal heart, which causes the charm status and the always useful steal weapon command. Balthier also has one original ability Midareuchi, better known as disorder shot or X-Fight. When Baltheir uses this skill he attacks four times in a row, but each hit does ½ damage. Basically, you get double damage when you use it, but you need to obtain 1200 JP before you can unlock it.


I also got the Onion Knight class by leveling up the squire and chemist jobs past level six.  When you change one of your characters to an Onion Knight they lose ALL of their abilities. No reaction skills, no movement bonuses and you’re limited to choosing fight only. Right now it’s not all that useful, but I hear when you find the Onion equipment you can create a tank character.

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  • Jammy

    The Balthier character looks a lot more like Zell from FF8 to me.

  • brunobelo

    Do you know if they fixed the page-up / page-down glitch? I’ve played FFT dozens of times and in this time I’ll use it, to not “waste my time”. :-)

  • You mean the page up/down trick to avoid spending JP on abilities? Yeah that’s been fixed, but since you can copy a save file to the PC…. I bet there will be “other” solutions to instantly create uber characters.

  • Ramsey

    Hope that the lag problem will be fixed in the US/EU version :)

  • JFresh

    For all u other fans that already played this orlandu is cid but that is his last name

  • Luso

    to fix lag change ur mhz to 333 instead of 222

  • Czajo

    how to obtain luso?

  • Drackmel

    The new thing about luso that makes him diffrent than Ramza is the poach ability, it does not say that he has it,but if you kill a monster while he is his game hunter class there is a chance he will poach it ( as the theif skill )

  • hi,how to get the secret characterS up there?i don’t know the way?help me PLEASE!!!!


    how to get the final ability on squire for RAMZA anyone? plssss TELL ME

  • how to get the final ability on squire for RAMZA anyone? plssss TELL ME

  • how to get the final ability on squire for RAMZA anyone?

  • I know your requests were a while ago, but if you read this. To get the secret characters you first have to have Mustadio, and you have to be in chapter 4 of the storyline. So if Mustadio has died in your data then you will have to start a new data or give up on the secret characters. Anyway, before you can get the other characters. You must go to Goland and read the rumors there, then you go to Lesalia, accompany Beowulf back to Goland and win the battles that follow. You will get Dragon Reis. Then after this, go to Goug, and you will get Construct 8. And following that, go read the rumors in Zeltennia. Then go buy a flower in Zarghidas. Go back to Goug and after this you will be able to perform a battle at Zeltennia, after this fight Reis turns to a human. Now go back to Goug and you will meet Cloud. He runs off to Zarghidas. So now go to Igros and win the fight there, then go to Zarghidas and win that fight and Cloud will join you. Luso is very easy to find you have to simply go to a certain location during chapter 4, I believe its Bedha sadwaste and if not that its one of the spots around there. And finally Biblos is unlocked by completing all 10 levels of Deep Dungeon. Enjoy :D

  • Sorry about the typo in my last comment, I meant to say Beddha Sandwaste. XD

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