Will Mortal Kombat vs. DC be anything like this?

By Spencer . April 18, 2008 . 4:29pm


Seeing Sub-Zero and Batman together is bizarre. Really, really bizarre even if Midway cuts fatalities in favor of DC Universe canon. Even stranger is this will not be the only fighting game with DC characters. When Street Fighter II clones were all the rage good old Acclaim released Justice League Task Force. There wasn’t even a solid explanation to how Aquaman could trample Superman without any kryptonite, but back in the early 90s games didn’t need detailed explanations.


They needed better hit detection.




Midway’s game probably won’t be this awful and they probably won’t give Flash a spinning punch move, if he’s even in the game.


Images courtesy of Midway. 

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  • CreatureX

    DC in the MK universe seems really silly. But Star Wars in Soul Calibur is even sillier!

  • ECM

    How is Ryu fighting the Hulk any less ridiculous than Aquaman fighting Superman (or Batman fighting Sub-Zero, for that matter) where the dearth in power is even greater? It’s not as if, in the enlightened new millenium, game designers are thinking “gee, you know, there’s just no way that Goro can beat Superman–let’s just call the whole thing off.” If that were the case, Marvel vs. Capcom would never have happened where the Hulk would have annihilated everyone but the Juggernaut.

    I’d also like to know why this match-up seems odd when the precedent was set with the various Capcom Vs. games? Let’s see: two fictional worlds collide in a video game, and people are questioning whether it makes any sense or is strange?!

  • TacoBeaver

    didnt they imagined like…
    they wouldnt need to cut fatalities (LOL IMAGINE RYU SUPA DUPA HADOUKEN BLOWING UP YER HEAD XD)

  • Carmen

    “Midway’s game probably won’t be this awful and they probably won’t give Flash a spinning punch move, if he’s even in the game.”

    Oh I wouldn’t rule that out.

  • Jammy

    Only problem is; Mortal Kombat sucks and the DC universe blows chunks.

  • Justin Bailey

    Bring back Marvel vs… That’s all that I asked from God, and this is what I get? This is madness… (waits for 300 reference)

  • Alexander Luke

    This is ludicrous DC VS MK. MK is awesome grew up with it and all to see this? Selling themselves out because they think they need to be more original @#$% that @#$%. Its horribly unbalanced Superman would kill scorpion (even if scorpion is 100% awesome its just well superman was basically made invincible and ridiculously powerful). Sub-zero would kill batman before he even got up from his set you can’t mix things that were made to be on their own by mixing all the DC Characters together your already making unholy demon child but though MK in the mix all that I can’t hope is that this game doesn’t ruin MK.

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