The next Idea Factory crossover is Cross Edge

By Spencer . May 7, 2008 . 9:04am


Chaos Wars was a mere warm up in Idea Factory mashups. Lahar Sama dropped us a line (thanks!!) about another merger between worlds from Compile Heart and Cross Edge (aka X-Edge) unites even more characters. Souls from Disgaea, Darkstalkers, Mana Khemia, Atelier Marie, Spectral Souls and Ar Tonelico will collide for the first time on the PlayStation 3. Your job is to set them free with protagonist Yuuto Kannagi (he’s wearing the orange shades) and heroine Mikoto Aiba (she has green hair).


Here is a list of announced characters in Cross Edge thus far:


Disgaea (part of the Underworld)



Darkstalkers (part of the Underworld)





Ar Tonelico (part of the Dreamworld)





Mana Khemia 2




Atelier series (part of the Dreamworld)



Spectral Souls





The heart of the Cross Edge is turn based combat through the Direct Action Turn Battle system where players use attacks assigned to the four face buttons of the PlayStation 3 controller. Each character gets a player customized move set and each move consumes AP. Chain up enough strikes and you can unleash a powerful finishing move.




When you free souls in Cross Edge you unlock form changes, which are essentially costumes with different stats. Compile Heart will release Cross Edge in Japan this September and at this time no North American release has been announced. However, there is one company that has a relationship with all, but one of the affiliated licenses in Cross Edge. NIS America is also starting to publish PlayStation 3 games in North America too…


See the scans: Page 1 / Page 2

Images courtesy of Famitsu. Scans from lahar sama.

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  • jeffx

    Yeah but dude this would be a licensing nightmare in America. This sounds like a killer game though.

    You have to setup an interview with O3 and ask them how they managed to obtain the rights to Chaos Wars. While you’re at it, ask them where they got their marketing team from: I’m guessing a box of Cracker Jack.

  • Jenni

    That looks like such an amazing game. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

  • Using some of the craziest characters and utilizing a classic, but more extreme, Valkyrie Profile battle system?

    …I need to change my pants.

  • Darrien

    Licensing nightmare? Why is that, when all but one of the currently listed games have their NA rights owned by NIS America? The only thing they’d have to do with the current information is license the Capcom characters.

  • jeffx

    @Darrien: There’s a slight gray area. The first Ar Tonelico came out as a Banpresto product, but since then, the company has been dissolved by Namco Bandai and rumors are that they are not giving NISA the OK on a US version of ATII. So yeah, if the unannounced characters are from ATII, then…

    And Capcom’s not necessarily a given either.

  • SomeDude

    Darrien: Just because you obtained the rights for one game in North America doesn’t mean that you actually have the rights to use those characters in North America.

    In fact, the majority of times if you’re a small publisher, it means that you do not have those rights.

    jeffx: That O3 team is pretty freaking sad, aren’t they? I mean, I saw a print ad of theirs and 2 of the “screenshots” were wallpapers complete with logos. I’d be surprised if they’re still in existence after this year.

  • LuminousAtelier

    SomeDude:Aww I was afraid of that,but just wandering. How were they able to release Chaos Wars here then?-OoO- Oh and man…I really wanna play this but I guess we all might have to prey it gets here I guess..):

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  • Whazam!

    looks like a cooler version of an old ps1 rpg i think the name was lunar or something that had a side battle system like this and you could move about during battle but not complete freedom.

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  • jeffx


    Sarcasm? Yes/No/Press the any key?

  • nika

    crossover, nice.

    I think I already like it.

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