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By Spencer . July 14, 2008 . 12:58pm

The content will be the same, but the media or quantity of media may be different due to the size of the Blu-Ray disc.


Final Fantasy XIII will be completed for the PS3 in Japan first. When it gets localized for North America and Europe the Xbox 360 version will be created. For the US the Xbox 360 version and PS3 version will be released at the same time. However, the release date for Europe may not be the same as the USA.


Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox 360 is NOT announced for Japan. The reason is due to the market saturation of the Xbox 360 in North America and Europe. A decision has not been made for the Asian markets.


For now there are no plans for motion control in Final Fantasy XIII.


Final Fantasy Versus XIII still on track as a PlayStation 3 exclusive.


A decision has not been made if Final Fantasy XIII will be released for Games For Windows.


Crystal Tools, the engine for Final Fantasy XIII, made the game work for the PC. Currently, it works on the PC. The priority is to bring it to the PS3 first.


Someone joked about Crystal Tools being multiplatform with the Wii and asked if Mr. Wada will make a surprise announcement at Nintendo's conference tomorrow. Shinji Hashimoto, Executive Director, responded with "I do not know Mr. Wada's schedule."


Xbox Live support or possible features are TBD.


The evolution of hardware allows Final Fantasy XIII to have more enemies and more characters on the screen.


The feel of Final Fantasy XIII has a different atmosphere compared to Final Fantasy XII. It's more exciting. So far, all questions about the gameplay have not been directly answered.


Hashimoto says he has been very involved with FF7 and most attaced with it.


Yoshinori Kitase says he is also attached to FF7 and it is his favorite Final Fantasy game.


Advent Children may not have a direct influence of combat in Final Fantasy XIII, but it indirectly stimulated the decision to make Final Fantasy XIII's ATB system.


That's it!

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  • jarrod

    So the 360 version’s coinciding with the localization? Makes sense given 360’s market presence… though I sort of wonder if we’ll see the JP International release on 360 then?

  • Mazen

    Square enix doesn’t want to effect the hardware market setuation in japan so they stay ps3 exclusive there but doing this in the west will make it harder and longer for PS3 to get second place which it was going nicely towards it in the last months.
    also releasing international version later in japan will not have in effect because FF sells only in its first two weeks.

  • Jenni

    I hope FFXIII is released for Windows PCs as well. I don’t have an Xbox 360 or PS3, but would love to own that game.

  • jarrod

    Well, I think Last Remnant heading to PC is a good sign. Plus, their building FFXIII on PC as a base according to Wada…

  • Josh

    Ugh, it’s going to take so long to get this game in English.

  • bmp

    Excellent info, but I’m curious. Does anyone know if there will be an ‘international’ or ‘asian’ version?

    I’m hoping for Singapore to get it, their 360 models are considered Japanese region (which is what I have) but the games have English dialouge.

  • jarrod


    Well, evidently the lack of a JP version is due to the low 360 install base… we’ll see if their attitude changes for International though, I suspect it’s more they just want to focus on getting the PS3 rev out the door asap.

    Wada said they’re considering an Asian release though, which makes sense given 360 generally leads in other Asian territories (Korea, Taiwan, etc)

  • Pedro Silva

    yes, yes, Wii games you square-enix bollocks!

  • bigmac

    What I’m worried about is that S-E mentioned they were bringing out the Japanese FF XIII for ps3 first, and that after releasing it in Japan they are going to begin localization and porting to the 360. Now, S-E also said they were going for a simultaneous 360/ps3 release in the US, right? What bothers me about this is that the PS3 version could be delayed to simply coincide with the 360 release, because porting to 360 hardware would likely take longer than the localizing itself.


  • bmp

    thanks for the info on that Jarrod.

    also bigmac, its already running on the PC, and the pc and 360 are VERY CLOSE. Porting that should be relatively easy. The holdup for both will probably be translation.

  • bigmac

    I sure hope so bmp!

  • Aoshi00

    Nice that it’s multi-platform, just more people get to play it.

    I just hope it doesn’t play too much like FF 12 though, I really wasn’t too crazy about the pseudo MMORPG style.. Still, there’s Infinite Undiscovery, Last Remnant, etc to look forward to.

  • Cmidrfti

    Woohoo to this. Now all we need is some info on Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII. Fingers crossed this will be a DS release for the series and I can die happy.

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