Kefka, Sephiroth shown in this Dissidia: Final Fantasy clip

By Spencer . September 4, 2008 . 4:11am

After two gameplay videos Square Enix finally uploaded the five minute Dissidia: Final Fantasy trailer shown at their private DKΣ3713 event. The video shows all of the characters we know about plus Kefka, the maniacal clown from Final Fantasy VI, and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII. Seeing the new villains is the highlight, but the video reveals some new information about how Dissidia: Final Fantasy works too. You move pieces representing the heroes on a chess-like board to start the fights.



In case you weren’t keeping score here is the officially announced and still incomplete cast in Dissidia: Final Fantasy thus far.


Warrior of Light
Onion Knight


Cloud of Darkness



There are still many more heroes to reveal and Square Enix gives a hint who they might be in this clip. At the beginning of the video the heroes are gathered in a group.You can only see their backs, but just for fun look at the blown up image and make a guess who made the cut.




Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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  • zippedpinhead

    Ok I’ll take a stab at the ten heroes ( and villians because during the video at the end there is a section with ten villians and a bunch of lava behind them)

    ok from right to left here are my guesses

    Unknown (Bartz from FFV, Locke or another Slim character from FFVI, or Vaan FF12)
    Cecil Harvey,
    Warrior of Light,
    ONion Knight,
    Unknown Female (The Dress gives it away that it is a lady) (Lenna from FFV or Celes or Terra from FFVI, it is definately NOT Ashe, Penelo, or that Viera from FFXII).

    I didn’t include other male characters for the FFVI person based on Body type and the fact that in large games only Heros were chosen.(though it could be another slim character like Shadow or Cyan)

    If I had to take a stab at those two unknowns, Terra is the lady. THe guy could easily be Bartz or Vaan though, I really have no clue.

  • Amir

    I’m guessing 2nd one on the right is Shadow from FFVI.

  • nika

    hmm, I would say the far right one is squall though, cloud usualy has his sword on his back right?

  • Kijof

    I want Shadow in this game! :(

  • Ryu Kazama

    Far right is definitely Squall. I don’t think Cloud is actually in that image at all. The dude next to Squall I’m hoping is Shadow. That would be too good though.

  • shion16


  • emad


    im so ecxited V^_^V

  • laharsama

    For some stupid reason Kefka reminds me to The Joker from Batman
    “Why So Serious”.

  • jeffx

    @SPENCER: Just a quick note, the RSS feed stopped working like yesterday.

  • jeffx

    Far far left is obviously of the female persuasion. 2nd seems to be wearing a cape, something I don’t remember from any FF.

  • ReluctantlyHuman

    I believe second from left is the Onion Knight, who if I am not mistaken, does have a cape in this iteration. Far right immediately seemed to me to be Squall, but from the shape of his sword, where it’s positioned, and from the ‘white’ midsection, since his jacket doesn’t go all the way to his waist.

    From what I’ve gathered, this game is only going to entail the first ten games, so I don’t think Vaan or crew will be showing up. It also appears that each game is represented by it’s final boss, and ‘main hero’. One and three, since you can make your own character, are obviously represented by ‘iconic’ characters instead of named ones. Ten has Tidus, Nine Zidane, Eight Squall, etc.

    As much as I’d be impressed if they did not put him in, it seems there is little chance of Cloud not being in. I liked Seven as much as the next person, but I’m a little Cloud-ed out. That being said, Red XIII vs. Sephiroth doesn’t have the same ring. The only other possibility, and I do not one iota believe this will be the case, is the far left character being Aerith. She is one of the few characters I can think of who wear a ‘dress’, and her vrsus Sephiroth WOULD have some emotional impact. But again, the outcry from fans if Cloud was not included would be insane, so I don’t believe that is the case.

    That leaves us with Four, Five and Six. Now with Four, I would not be surprised if they used someone other than it’s main star. Cecil just might have some trouble standing out from all of the similar characters. The only thing I could see interesting about him is having alternate Paladin/Dark Knight versions like the Onion Knight. However, Kain is arguably more popular, and would add a slight twist on the cast. And if the villain from Four is Golbez (Zemus might be difficult, not being very humanoid-shaped), it makes sense for Kain to be the hero, since Golbez messed with Kain as much as he did with Cecil.

    Five’s cast never seemed very interesting to me, so it’s a little hard for me to imagine an of them really being necessary for Dissidia. Bartz is the obvious first choice, but short of a cool Chocobo double-team attack, he doesn’t add much to the established roster. Lenne and the Pirate girl (who’s name Ive forgotten) would be a nice touch, but I can see a lot of people scratching their heads to their presence. The pirate would actually be pretty sweet, especially if they played up the transvestite thing, and let people think they were playing as a male character, but anyone who’d played Five would know otherwise.

    Which leaves us with Six. Kefka seemes a non-choice, being as iconic and popular as he is. And while I agree his actions do seem a little too Ledger-Joker to me, his actions ingame seemed a little Joker to me as well, so that is fine. Now for Hero, this is the one game where I can see a multitude of possibilities. Terra is the first to come to mind; she’s strong, feminine, the character in the title, she can turn into a Super-Saiyan, and maybe just maybe we’ed get to use some Magitek armor against Kefka. Celes is my favorite, so I am slightly biased there, but she is one of the few characters you HAVE to have in your party to beat the game with. And while Terra is our introduction to this world and it’s inhabitants, Celes arguably gets some of the best scenes/most dramatic scenes. She can also kick butt, use magic, and perhaps Rune Sword could get a second chance to actually be useful.

    The only other possibilities from Six, in my opinion, are Locke, or Shadow. Locke got a bit more attention in game than I’d like, and is present for a lot of those aforementioned dramatic scenes, and some of his own too. He also fits in with the ‘standard FF hero’ mold than Edgar or Sabin. This leaves us with Shadow, which I only mention since others have. While I am sure he is a fan favorite, he is also a mostly optional character that seems to have mostly implied character-depth, at least in the initial SNES translation. I know he is supposed to be Relm’s father (or knew her father, I can’t recall), but he just did not seem as fleshed out as I’d like. He would definitely be very ‘cool’, espcially with Interceptor added into the mix, but I’d rather see him as a ‘hidden’ character or the like. There just seem to be too many better options for Six, in my opinion.

    I didn’t intend to write a thesis paper, I apologize.

  • Sharkmenow

    Im pretty godamn sure the 2nd right most character is shadow just from his build. it would go perfectly with amanos art of how his build looks. Either him or Kain.

    The far left is a girl. Probably Terra.

    I dont think Cloud is going to be in this game unless he’s the leader of the Heroes and isnt shown in this shot.

  • Sharkmenow

    If you pause at 54 seconds when it cuts to Squall you can see the character next to him is Bartz.

  • Cain Highwind

    @Sharkmenow Nope that’s Firion, it’s easier to see when you’ve got the actual FLV file.

  • Ciel

    There are two male bodies, i think the first (from left to right) is Yuna and the other one Rydia.

  • Ciel

    I wanted to say female.

  • nightcap

    Where the hell are Cecil and Golbeze

  • Rolando

    Time to take a shot in the dark! I watched the video that’s on the official site instead of the YouTube video since its too blurry.

    That figure at the end of the video behind Warrior of Light whose arm can partially be seen with the hand (which I’m guessing is also the same figure between Warrior of Light and Tidus in the images you posted above) definitely resembles Terra and her original Amano design. After pausing the video God knows how many times, you can easily make out the red (though in the video it seems a bit crimson) sleeve Terra’s original design has. There’s that, and you can also make out a part of her outfit (look at her butt…ahaha) and the whitish leggings. In the images you posted above, you can definitely make out her boots. The relationship between Terra and Kefka should be obvious to anyone who’s played Final Fantasy VI.

    The figure on the far left seems more like a slim, male figure with a white cape and short hair, and I’m inclinced to believe that figure could be Bartz since one of Amano’s original design of Bartz had him with a white cape and, well, short hair! It can’t be Paladin Cecil since he has almost the same length of hair as Rosa, and I don’t think it’s Edge since Edge’s mask is long; and from the game’s theme, it wouldn’t make sense for Edge to fight against Golbez. It also makes sense for Bartz to be in the game seeing as how Bartz’s father was one of the four original heroes who fought against and sealed ExDeath a long time ago.

    The figure standing between Squall and Zidane could more than likely be Dark Knight Cecil instead of Kain. Amano’s original design of Dark Knight Cecil posed similar to the figure behind Squall and Zidane, and it looks like Squall’s back could be covering Dark Knight Cecil’s shoulder garment that has part of the armor sticking out. Dark Knight Cecil could also be looking up at whatever’s going on, hiding the small hornlike features of his helmet. Relationship is obvious as well as Cecil and Golbez are brothers.

    Now for the character to the right of Onion Knight, it more than likely is Cloud. It makes sense from the game’s theme of pitting FF heroes against FF villains who share a distinct relationship, and I can kind of make out part of Cloud’s hair style. Maybe I’m seeing things!

    As for the two remaining villains, you can easily make out Goblez and ExDeath from the end portion of the video. ExDeath is to the left of what I’m assuming is Kefka’s stance from Amano’s original design (to the left of Garland), and Golbez is to ExDeath’s left.

    That’s my take.

  • Spencer

    @ReluctantlyHuman – Don’t be sorry for “writing an essay” we appreciate long, thoughtful comments at Siliconera!

  • EvilHero

    A rough translation of the video was posted on the net.

    Kefka: Play carefully now…
    Kefka: She is an important friend of mine.

    Judging by this, it is more than likely we’ll see Terra or Celes over any of the male characters.

  • Swindleton

    I think the third from the left is Cloud… AC uniform anyone?

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