Cross Edge crossing over to North America?

By Spencer . September 11, 2008 . 1:05pm


Cross Edge / X Edge looks like a licensing mess. It has Darkstalkers from Capcom, Reyvateils from Ar Tonelico which is now under the guise of Namco Bandai, various Gust characters from the Atelier series, and Etna from Nippon Ichi. Yikes. This is a bigger debacle than Chaos Wars, but somehow that got localized with hilariously awful voice acting. Apparently, Cross Edge is too. A trusted inside source tells me Cross Edge will see a US release by a company “we (i.e. Siliconera) know very well”.


Since there isn’t an official press release or statement to go along with this I’m going to throw this in the wild rumor bin for now. However, if you were thinking about importing Cross Edge when it comes out in Japan this month and concerned about the language barrier you might want to wait.


Don’t know who made the Cross Edge cut? Here’s a list of characters we know about so far.


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  • jeffx

    A company we know very well?

    NISA (most likely)
    Aksys (probably not enough pull)
    Atlus (too busy with other things)
    Capcom (we don’t really talk about them that much, but it’s possible)
    Xseed (not really their territory)

    Trying to think of some others, maybe Namco, Yuke’s, O~3 (hope to god not!) aaaand UFO interactive (really long shot)

  • jarrod

    Capcom seems pretty unlikely imo, considering they skipped over the infinitely more marketable NVC without a second glace.

    Gotta be NISA.

  • I thought NIS America passed on it. Something about this title not being up to standard.

  • wario4ever

    Please say it’s not O3 or Ufo please! i don’t wan’t a horrible translation or i’m gonna have to pay 79.99$ for the import ;_;

  • laharsama

    Probably NISA will be the publisher.

    Hope they┬┤ll include the original Japanese voice cast

  • Didnt Spencer do an interview with NIS and they said they had no plans for localization? I really want this to come to America though, and if any company would do it I would want NIS or Capcom.

    *crosses fingers*

    Then again… Everytime Siliconera mentions something about a game getting rumored to be localized, BAM a few days later it gets announced! Hope thats the case with this title…

  • Kijof

    O3 will handle this! ^_^

  • wario4ever

    beats the crap out of Kijof! Don’t Joke Like That!!

  • Kijof

    Sorry, my bad ^_^

  • Pichi

    Anyone but O3, lol! I’m interested, hope its someone that’ll do it justice.

  • artego

    If I had to guess, it would be Atlus. They see to be Idea Factory’s new poster boy.

  • I will waiting for this. This is awesome.

  • Zens_Klak

    Oh god yes, let O3 handle this.

    I will buy it on the spot, there is no way I could turn down such quality comedic value added onto this.

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