Tenchu 4 Isn’t A Wii Exclusive? It’s Coming To The PSP Too?

By Spencer . October 3, 2008 . 12:25pm


The OFLC just rated Tenchu 4 and in the land down under it’s considered as a multiplatform game. Most Wii exclusives like the recently rated We Cheer are rightfully only listed as a Nintendo Wii game. Tenchu 4 is not. This news comes after we had an e-mail exchange with a member of the Tenchu 4 staff who told us they were working on “Tenchu 4 PSP”. I wrote this news off as a typo, but with the OFLC listing Tenchu 4 as a multiplatform game I think this was an accidental leak to us. Also possibly related is Acquire’s Tokyo Game Show line up. Tenchu 4 is on there, of course, Dungeons & Dam is underneath it sitting right on top of an unannounced game. Perhaps, this slot will be used for a Tenchu 4 PSP port.


This begs the question, how are we going to shake the kitty without the Wii remote?


Images courtesy of the OFLC / Acquire.

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  • shion16


  • Jay

    I wouldn’t be surprised, but when they revealed those turn based battles I started to wonder if it’ll be any good at all.

  • Daizyujin

    I know the original developer is behind it but I am still going to be very cautious in getting excited for this one. The Tenchu games have gone from mediocre to crap since the first one came out. I so wanted to like the 360 game but it just couldn’t happen. Of course nothing is as high on the crap-o-meter as the DS Tenchu game. Maybe ET or Superman 64.

  • shion16

    maybe you re right guys

  • jarrod

    K2 made the previous PS2/Xbox/360 Tenchus, but the DS game was made by Polygon Magic.

    Aquire, who did the original PSone games, is doing Tenchu 4. Dunno who made the recent XBLA game though?

  • Ugh. They had better have been leading on the Wii version. I will not be happy if it’s an upscaled PSP game.

  • squall3031

    i wanna see what kind of seduction skill that girl has :D hehehehehe

  • Pedro Silva

    verything but THAT, cross platform with PSP titles, bleergh

  • CappuccinO

    I’d love to see a decent Tenchu title on PSP. The first one had those awful draw-distance issues… so if it’s true, I hope they fix that. About the Wii… yuck. I couldn’t care less bout that piece of crap.

  • i would be excited if it’s true.. maintain the fixing…i hope it will..and i hope there will be that tenchu 4 on PSP..

  • Hero of legend

    I think I should point your attention to Tenchu Z’s page on that site:


    It’s a 360 exclusive, yet it says “Multiplatform” as well.

    I’m sure that “Tenchu 4 PSP” comment was just a silly way of saying “Tenchu for PSP”.

    Also, is it confirmed that Way of the Samurai 3 is heading to NA? If not, then Wii fans are lucky to be getting one of Acquire’s new console game in NA “exclusively”. If you get what I mean.

    Shame that Tenchu 4 got a 29 in Famitsu, while WotS3 got a 31 in Famitsu. :(

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