The Last Remnant Offers Battle Formations As DLC And A Pre-Order Bonus

By Spencer . October 6, 2008 . 4:11am


Like Infinite Undiscovery before it, Square Enix has plans to release downloadable content for the Last Remnant. If you pre-order the game you will get a download code for the March to War Set, a package of three rare battle formations. It isn’t clear how the Goblet, Scatterswarm, and Catapult formations will affect the tide of battle since Square Enix hasn’t delved into the formation system. The key details about the battle system we discussed include the morale meter and the group commands.


lrposter Square Enix didn’t set a physical value for the March to War Set either so we don’t know if the extra content will be distributed for a price at a later date or if this is a one shot deal to add formations to your roster. Microsoft sort of pulled the latter of with Lost Odyssey in North America where the first downloadable content pack consisting of a difficult breaking guarding ability and an extra dream was never distributed on North America’s Xbox Live Marketplace. Fortunately, the missing Lost Odyssey content is available overseas on for free.


Anyone who pre-orders the Last Remnant at Amazon, Gamecrazy or Gamestop gets the March to War code. If you pre-order the game at Best Buy you get a poster. The Last Remnant comes out worldwide, possibly without the DLC pre-order bonus in other regions, on November 20.


Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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  • Aoshi00

    I don’t know what to think about this game, the art design looks okay kind of like FF 12, but the more gameplay screenshots I see the less interested I am in this game.. Need to see more impressions.

    They shouldn’t make the bonus-DLC here as game breaking as that of Lost Odyssey, which was practically gave player an easy mode. At least, in Jpn, it was released at a time after most people beat the game.

  • klinediscream

    I’m not sure if the screenshot above is what the formation looks like. But it kind of reminds me of a reverse ‘Galaxy’ formation from Romancing SaGa 3 for Super Famicom. Or for a more recent analogy for the younger game players The Pillar triple character attack from Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song on PS2. The formations for those games basically allowed you to perform a graphically impressive multiple strike at the enemies for big damage. Not necessarily game breaking, but they definately give you a big offensive attack especially if your combined group’s attack value was high.

    Based solely on the names I would predict that Goblet formation would produce a beneficial effect for your entire party like a percentage of the group’s HP recovering every round. Scatterswarm will probably be a multiple target attack. And Catapault probably an attack involving your back row characters.

    I personally feel inclined to pre-order for these formations just so I can be among the first to see how the animations for them will look, even though everyone who gets this game should be able to obtain them eventually.

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