NIS America "Won’t Disappoint" Fans Waiting For Disgaea 2 Portable

By Spencer . January 5, 2009 . 3:35pm

axel2 Disgaea 2 is being ported for the PSP. You already know this. Right after we caught the announcement from Nippon Ichi’s head office in Japan I asked NIS America if they had any plans to bring it to us. Nao Zook, Marketing Coordinator, told us, “Well, at this moment, all I can say is that we won’t disappoint our fans who are waiting for Disgaea 2 PSP :-).” Infer what you want from the smiley face.


Disgaea 2 Portable tacks on a bunch of new content not found in the PS2 game like a whole scenario starring Axel, the Dark Hero.


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No Disgaea port is complete without a few cameos. Disgaea 2 Portable adds at least Lord Zetta (Makai Kingdom), Prier (La Pucelle Tactics), and Mid Boss to Adell’s team.


dis2nc1 dis2nc2 dis2nc3 dis2ndc4 dis2nc5 dis2nc6


As we mentioned before the magichange system where monsters can transform into weapons from Disgaea 3 is also part of Disgaea 2 Portable.


dis2mc1a dis2mc1b dis2mc2a dis2mc2b dis2mc3 dis2mc4


image Also it looks like Disgaea 2 Portable, well at least this version of it, may not have any multiplayer features. A quick glance on the Japanese page says the game only supports one player.


You may not be aware of this, but there are actually two versions of Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness in Japan. Originally, the  Disgaea PSP port did not have a multiplayer feature. A year later Nippon Ichi re-released it with multiplayer as budget version of Disgaea Portable. NIS America spared us this fate and just released the multiplayer ready version of Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness. This delayed the domestic release about a year, but at least we didn’t have to buy the game twice. Perhaps, the same thing will happen with Disgaea 2 Portable?


Images courtesy  of NIS America.

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  • Kuronoa

    Well that convinced me there’s enough content to play again. Will do so when it comes.

    I don’t have a portable Disgaea game yet, I was going to get Disgaea DS for Pleinair one day.

  • shion16

    i cant wait
    i cant wait
    i cant wait
    i cant wait
    i cant wait
    i cant wait

  • Edward Smith

    that sounds like yummy goodness. Though, I have to say, I’m still incredibly curious what Makai wars is and if it will ever come out…

  • I love the developers, I really do….

    but I wish they would just announce a new srpg, friggin.

  • JeremyR

    I can’t believe I’m so excited about a game I already own. But this is pretty much the one game I really, really wanted on the PSP. The item world in D2 is so much better than D1, such a time waster, but I don’t like spending that much time in front of a TV…

  • They better not foul up the eventual DS port.

  • Jay

    I remember that Disgaea Portable didn’t meet SCEA requirements for a port and that’s what made them add the extra content, it almost didn’t make it (they even had a protest for it). I don’t think there will be additional content for the NA release this time, but it could make it out stateside faster as a result.

  • I hate SCEA sometimes, but I like the possibility of D2 PSP coming stateside. Axel’s scenario makes it all the more worth it.

  • Pichi

    I hope SCEA really loosens up its rules. Looking forward to it!

  • Andy

    I’ll get this when the DS version comes out. Eh heh heh…

  • Mikael

    The Axel’s scenario makes it almost worth a second purchase, but in the meantime I have to wait to see how “big” it will be.

  • Judgment8

    REALLY!!! AWESOME!!! COOL!!! Now all my worries are gone. Now I’ll just have to wait for the day it comes. Please NISA be quick, I would love to have this just before my Summer Break and play it always, when I travel or Watch TV or do anything. Thanx NISA for bringing my Favourite game to PSP.

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