Which Version Of Crystal Defenders Should You Get?

By Spencer . January 22, 2009 . 8:05am

cdwii2 If you only have one console the choice is easy, the console you own. However, Crystal Defenders is coming out for three consoles and not every version is equal.


Next week Crystal Defenders R1 comes out for WiiWare in Japan. For 1,000 Wii Points you get the Final Fantasy Tactics themed tower defense game with online rankings via Nintendo Wi-Fi.


Later this spring Square Enix will release plain old Crystal Defenders for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Unlike the WiiWare version the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version is an upgraded port of the iPhone Crystal Defenders game which contains 300+ stages spread out over three scenarios from the Japan-only mobile phone game Crystal Guardians: W1, W2, and W3.


imageCrystal Defenders R1 also has less “characters” or towers than Crystal Defenders. Only the soldier, black mage, white monk, archer, time mage, thief, and dragoon towers are in Crystal Defenders R1. Square Enix’s announcement also mentions this game is designed for first time players to learn how to use the the basic towers.


Towers like the fencer, berserker, hunter, and tinker are in Crystal Defenders and will not be in Crystal Defenders R1. Crystal Defenders R1 is not a direct port of Crystal Guardians W1 (the original mobile phone release), though, since the dragoon class was introduced Crystal Guardians W2. One thing is clear about Crystal Defenders on WiiWare it will have less content than the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network releases. Square Enix will probably sell extra episodes in the future. They didn’t add the “R1” without reason.


Now for a graphical comparison. Here’s what Crystal Defenders looks like on the Xbox 360…



… and here is Crystal Defenders R1 on WiiWare.



Square Enix has not announced the console version of Crystal Defenders for any other region, but we’re sure it’s coming. After all the Xbox 360 version was just rated by the USK in Germany.


cdwii1 cdwii3


Images courtesy of Square Enix.

  • Since I just opened my eyes for tower defence because of Lock’s Quest this certainly seems a lot more interesting now. XBLA is an easy choice being the achievement-whore that I am.

  • The WiiWare version really bothers me. I really doubt that Square Enix couldn’t have put the same amount of content in R1 as they did in the 360/PS3 versions. Fewer stages + fewer characters = no thank you.

  • jarrodand

    Probably Wii version for pointer controls and non-upscaled sprites (ew!). Shame it’s content cut though. :/

    Is the iPhone version been localized? That might be best of all honestly.

    • Andy

      Yes, and that’s the one I have.

  • MadMirko

    WiiWare for proper controls and lack of “frame-o-vision”, and because it’s simply the first to be released.

  • Seems like tower defense games is the genre of the year. The cell phone version (or at least the iphone version) seemed contrived in terms of controls. I think I’d rather wait for the WiiWare release.

    • Y’know that’s true! I’d never heard of Tower Defense until PixelJunk Monsters, and now it seems like a new TD game is release each week =_=

  • EX_Zephyr

    Jeez, this is a lose-lose situation. I’ll have to get it from PlayStation Network though… I’m not giving up features, even though that frame looks annoying.

    …Why isn’t this on DS, again? It’s be perfect for DSWare when DSi hits.

  • jj984jj

    Why is S-E putting resources into 2 versions in the first place? :

    I guess I’d go for the XBLA/PSN port on XBLA if it’s 800points but I don’t see much appeal in a Tower Defense game with FFTA sprites in the first place.

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